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You can use the AntennaPod Forum for discussions about the app or just podcasting in general.

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted here (please read the instructions on how to report a bug and how to submit a feature request first!).

Help to test AntennaPod

AntennaPod has many users and we don't want them to run into trouble when we add a new feature. It's important that we have a significant group test our app, so that we know all possible combinations of phones, Android versions and use cases work as expected. Check out our wiki on how to join our Beta testing program! If a bug is reported during the beta period, chances are high that it will be fixed before the stable version. If it is reported later, fixing might take another full beta cycle. So definitely let us know if something is not right.


AntennaPod is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL-3.0). You can find the license text in the LICENSE file.

Translating AntennaPod

If you want to translate AntennaPod into another language, you can visit the Transifex project page.

Building AntennaPod

Information on how to build AntennaPod can be found in the wiki.

  • Data wiped due to database corruption

    Data wiped due to database corruption

    App version: (commit cef70063) (from Google Play) Android version: 7.0 Current behaviour: Have been using AntennaPod for 1-2 months. I moved my data from Internal Storage to SD card ~1 week ago. Had subscription updates on (every 12hrs I think). It started automatically, I opened the app to check on it, it froze for 1-2 seconds and then most of my data was wiped (app has no subscriptions, playback history empty etc).

    /Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/ contains the following:

    • cache/ has 2 files of 2 subscriptions. I had 25 subscriptions.
    • import/ empty
    • media/ directories of 6 subscriptions. Still contains some pre-downloaded episodes.

    First occured: 22.10.2017 Steps to reproduce: Not sure

    I still have the old data (1 week old) on my Internal Storage. The cache/ folder there seems to at least contain all my old feeds. Any way I can recover something from there?

    Type: Confirmed bug 
    opened by oskarkook 235
  • New media player screen

    New media player screen

    s. https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/5042

    So heres a new idea for the placement of the description, see for youself: 20210402-024011

    I think its a great solution maybe one thing that should be added is an arrow to the bottom of the CoverFragment or otherwise an indicator (info symbol?) that there is the description to be scrolled to, maybe like this Screenshot-20210402-030620-Antenna-Pod-Debug basic mockup

    UPDATE: I added a few fixes and this openDescription Button Screenshot-20210402-112553-Antenna-Pod-Debug I think thats a good solution, as the i (info) is easy to understand as further information (=description) and by clicking it, one discovers that one can scroll down to the description :) (also considered landscape mode, works as well)

    opened by ueen 118
  • Swipe actions

    Swipe actions

    adds SwipeActions to Feeds excerpt from https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/5167

    includeds outcommented references to InboxFragment and EpisodesFragment in SwipeActions.java

    opened by ueen 94
  • Add synchronization with gPodder Nextcloud server app

    Add synchronization with gPodder Nextcloud server app

    This adds another possibility for synchronizing subscriptions and episode changes by using the Nextcloud app GPodder sync

    For this to work one needs to have

    • an account on a Nextcloud server
    • where the app gpodder sync* is installed
    • and have the official Nextcloud Files app installed and connected to said account

    Authorization with the Nextcloud server works via SSO (via Nextcloud Files app) in one step.

    Closes #421

    opened by thrillfall 92
  • Allow applying tags to podcasts or putting them into groups/folders/categories

    Allow applying tags to podcasts or putting them into groups/folders/categories

    App version: (from F-Store)

    Expected behaviour: Let the user categorize or group podcasts at will, offering the ability to fold and unfold groups. This would be similar to the way the RSS-reader Flym handles its feeds.

    Current behaviour: Put all feeds in the sidebar based on how many unlistened(?) episodes each has - this is really hard to navigate, especially if you have many feeds and they jump around depending on what you listen to and who uploads what.

    I'll try to crack this myself, but I'm not an Android developer and don't have a lot of time, so feel free to fix it.

    Type: Feature request 
    opened by ahstro 83
  • Playback position regularly moves back to pre-last position after pause

    Playback position regularly moves back to pre-last position after pause

    Often, but I can't tell in which cases exactly, the playback position of an item regularly moves back to pre-last position after pause. What I mean with that is:

    • I play an item and pause it (playback time A). (some stuff happens in between) then play again and pause again (playback time B)
    • when resuming the play again, the progress bar and currently playing position show correct data (playback time B) for half a second or so, but then changes to playback time A.

    What I don't know:

    • if it happens only when I pause it via the lock screen, or when playback gets paused when I unplug my earbuds, or when I manually pause it in the playing bar at the bottom or the system notification
    • if it happens with certain 'some stuff happens in between' (i.e. play another item, refresh feeds, shutdown phone, check email, etc)
    • if it also happens if I only paused once (playback time A being 0, basically) [I think it does sometimes, but I'm not sure]

    This issue has been present for quite a while (throughout some different versions). Don't know why I only reported it now. I have not enabled prestissimo. The issue plays up I think for different feeds.

    I found it rather cumbersome to note down every single pause and the consequence in daily use (playback gets paused rather often) and thus I didn't do it. Any feedback on if it's really necessary to do so (to provide more detailed info) or on other means of getting more detailed info is appreciated.

    AP v. on Android 4.2.2

    PS. My quick-fix is to pay attention to the position when I hit play, so that I can manually scroll to that position again.

    Type: Confirmed bug 
    opened by keunes 73
  • New icon

    New icon

    I think the app icon needs refresh. So I have created new material styled icon. Please have a look at the icon in the attachment (512x512 for Google Play).

    I can create a pull request with all icons sizes if you like it. Let me know what you think :)


    Type: Enhancement 
    opened by stefan-mitrik 67
  • Edit feed URLs

    Edit feed URLs

    App version: (from Google Play

    Android version: 7 (Android N)

    Device model: Nexus 5x

    Expected behaviour: Being able to edit the feed URL of an existing subscription

    Current behaviour: Currently it is only possible to copy the feed URL to the clipboard.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Subscribe to a feed
    2. Go to the feed
    3. Tap on the (i) (information) - there are details like URL - but no way for editing it


    Delete existing subscription and re-subscribe.

    Big disadvantage: all downloaded files are deleted and all the status flags are lost (e.g. which episodes were already downloaded and played).

    Possible Implementation

    (i.e. the how): Just make the URL label editable in the subscription information dialog (which is reachable via the (i) icon, from the subscription tab).

    This dialog already contains some editable fields like password/username or auto-delete-episodes.

    Alternative: add an edit button right beside the existing copy-button.


    From time to time some of my subscriptions has feed URL issues, e.g. the author changed the URL and screwed up setting up the redirection. In those cases I would like to just copy and paste the new URL into a feed configuration dialog to update just the URL.

    BTW, from a UI design perspective, I find the (i) (information icon) isn't very intuitive. Before accidentally hitting it I searched multiple times in the preferences menu of that tab for a settings item. IMHO it would also be an improvement to add a menu entry to the settings menu (which already has the entries 'refresh menu', 'Flattr this', ..., 'Remove Podcast').

    Type: Feature request Good first issue 
    opened by gsauthof 63
  • Contextual menu for multi selecting episodes

    Contextual menu for multi selecting episodes

    Here is a working build I did implementing your mockup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A0fMp7SemlpHHltod-x0MQsDRn9TZDwg/view

    I'm not close to done, but I wanted to get your feedback on it before I proceed further.

    What I added:

    • Integrated multi select on same existing episodes screen using contextual menu (https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/menus.html#context-menu)
    • Moved speed dial to episodes screen
    • Ported existing multi select actions to existing screen
    • Have NOT added new multi select actions
    opened by peakvalleytech 60
  • Feed multi select

    Feed multi select

    Fixes issue #4681 #5046.

    I have implemented the basic UI and it is based entirely on the multi select for episodes, which is good because it reuses a lot of the code.

    The fab action items do not work yet.

    Deciions that still need to be made.

    • The selection idicator - Right now it uses a checkbox similar to episdoes multi select. My reasoning is that they should be use a similar pattern which is geneally considered good UX. However, it seems akward currently because of the cover image that it is overlayed on top of could reduce visbiility. I leaning towards adding a transparent overlay when an item is selected.
    • What actions should be in the fab - I think we can add most of the feature suggested in #4681. I am in favor of displaying a single dialog setting for each fab option rather than a modifed 'podcast settings' screen. It is much better UX as it reduces the amount of information that is displayed on the screen.
    • Icons for fab actions - This is probably the hardest part. Maybe we should leave it to @keunes. :) Many of the action items still need icons. Once we decide which items will go into the fab, we can decide on the icons. I'll probably pick out some of my own suggestions soon.
    opened by peakvalleytech 59
  • Issues Since Upgrade to Oreo

    Issues Since Upgrade to Oreo

    App version: Android version: 8.0 Device model: Nexus 5X Current behavior: Ever since the update to Oreo, I've had two weird issues. First, my resume point is often lost. Not always, but often it will revert to a previous resume point. Second, for no reason at all, a podcast will start playing by itself. I can verify after last night that it's not accidentally activating in my pocket because at some point during the night it rewound a podcast to the beginning and started playing. Ironically, that episode began with dialog from the horror film "The Descent" and that's how my wife and I woke up :)

    opened by mattwiggins 59
  • Convert subscriptions screen to cards

    Convert subscriptions screen to cards


    This PR fixes #6094.

    • List items under Subscriptions now have rounded corners instead of sharp corners
    • Counter label for the list item is updated to pill shape instead of triangular shape
    • Code for adding background color in title text is removed
    • Refactored title field implementation to break down complexity
    • All changes adhere to theme preferences (important since some UI changes need to align with the app's theme)

    Type of change

    • [ ] Bug fix
    • [X] New feature / Enhancement
    • [ ] Breaking change

    Ready-for-review Checklist

    • [x] I tested the changes locally
    • [ ] I added tests where necessary
    • [x] My PR passess all the CI checks
    • [ ] I updated documentation for breaking change





    • Screenshot

    Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 7 49 25 PM

    • Recording


    opened by gitstart 0
  • Do not switch screens when clicking

    Do not switch screens when clicking "Remove podcast" #5909


    [https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/issues/5909](Do not switch screens when clicking "Remove podcast")

    Steps to reproduce

    Currently, removing a podcast from within the podcast or from the Subscription list in the sidebar (but not from the Subscriptions screen) ends with the user being shown the Episodes screen. In addition, the user is taken to the Episodes screen even before they have confirmed they actually want to remove the podcast.

    Issue Video:


    Video After Fix:


    opened by gitstart 0
  • Show chapters without playing episode

    Show chapters without playing episode


    • [X] I have used the search function for open and closed issues to see if someone else has already submitted the same feature request.
    • [X] I will describe the problem with as much detail as possible.
    • [X] This request contains only one single feature, not a list of multiple (related) features.

    App version


    Where did you get the app from


    Problem you may be having, or feature you want

    #5630 added support for Podcasting 2.0 chapter marks for downloaded episodes. This was a reasonable first step since there was only UI for chapters for currently playing episodes. Also, there were concerns about chapter data changing more frequently than the other data and so delaying until the user downloaded/streamed the episode would give more accurate results without the code complexity and overhead of rechecking.

    I think it would be useful to access the chapter data without playing the episode. I use AntennaPod to listen to all my podcasts but I have Podverse installed as well to check out Podcasting 2.0 features since it implements them more quickly. Besides just demoing things, the one practical use case I have found for Podverse is to check the chapters for podcasts that do only a short overview in the show notes but provide chapter marks. It is helpful to know if the topic I am interested in is a two minute discussion or a twenty minute one. It would be great to check this without leaving AntennaPod.

    Suggested solution

    It would be great to have a chapters button on the episode page or the menu accessed in the upper right for that page. Given the concerns mentioned above, clicking the button could download the chapter data on demand if that is better than predownloading it with the feed data.

    I suppose this proposal has some interaction with downloaded episodes. My main use case is non-downloaded episodes to save the ~100MB download just to see the chapters, but currently chapters are only visible on the playing view. For a downloaded episode, the chapter data would already be downloaded so it wouldn't need to be downloaded again when tapping the button.

    I think a current workaround is to start streaming an episode and pause it. That let's you see the chapters and saves downloading the full episode, but it isn't the best user experience.

    Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details

    I don't want to be so bold as to suggest adding an element to the main episode view (it would be nice for me at least). In the screenshot I clarify the menu I suggested above.


    opened by wshanks 0
  • Do not return to previous screen when just hidden from the drawer #6225

    Do not return to previous screen when just hidden from the drawer #6225

    Closes https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/issues/6225

    When you are on a screen (eg downloads) and you hide the screen (ie Downloads) on return from the settings page you will be taken to the Home Screen, not the hidden page (ie Downloads)

    When you are on the Home Screen and you navigate to the settings and hide the Home Screen you will be taken to the next available screen.

    Issue Video


    Fix video


    New Fix Video


    opened by gitstart 3
  • Add option to automatically mark filtered episodes as played

    Add option to automatically mark filtered episodes as played

    Currently, all episodes filtered by the episode filter are not downloaded, but they still remain in the feed.

    This PR adds an option to the filter dialog to also automatically mark all excluded episodes as played.

    opened by matejdro 12
  • Reordering queue after starting playback does not take effect

    Reordering queue after starting playback does not take effect


    • [X] I have used the search function for open and closed issues to see if someone else has already submitted the same bug report.
    • [X] I will describe the problem with as much detail as possible.
    • [X] If the bug only to occurs with a certain podcast, I will include the URL of that podcast.

    App version

    3.0.0 alpha 1

    Where did you get the app from

    Google Play

    Android version


    Device model

    No response

    First occurred

    No response

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Have at least two episodes in the queue, with the "Continuous Playback" setting active
    2. Start playing the last episode in the queue
    3. Reorder the queue so that the first episode now follows the last (and currently playing) one
    4. Wait until the end of the currently playing episode

    Expected behaviour

    Playback continues with the following episode in the queue.

    Current behaviour

    Playback stops. The following episode in the queue is displayed in the miniplayer, but playback needs to be started manually.


    No response

    Type: Possible bug 
    opened by loucasal 4
  • 2.7.1(Oct 11, 2022)

    • View "New Episodes" list now in a dedicated screen called Inbox, with swipe actions (@ByteHamster)
    • Use swipe actions and quickly toggle Favourites on the Episodes screen (@ByteHamster)
    • View a list of (unplayed) episodes in Android Auto (@tonytamsf)
    • Scroll to the top of lists by long-pressing the toolbar (@ByteHamster)
    • Bug fixes around authentication for podcasts & Nextcloud sync (@ByteHamster)
    • Directly open localised documentation if available (for now: da, fr, it, nl) (@ByteHamster)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.6.2(Aug 4, 2022)

  • 2.6.1(Jul 8, 2022)

    • Support for podcasting 2.0 chapters (@tonytamsf)
    • Statistics: filter based on month/year (@ByteHamster), access via button on Subscriptions toolbar instead of Settings (@IordanisKokk)
    • Local feed bug fixes & improvements (@ByteHamster)
    • Design improvements (design: George, code: @ByteHamster)
    • Update feeds to https if possible, better handle captive portal redirects (@ByteHamster)
    • As always, even though we never list it: new & updated translations (thanks to all our lovely translators)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.5.2(May 3, 2022)

  • 2.5.1(Apr 6, 2022)

    • Add button to always refresh over mobile data
    • Support Nextcloud installations in subfolders
    • Fix removing podcast
    • Fix full sync trying to handle local folders
    • Fix navigation bar theming on some devices
    • Fix various crashes when downloading
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.5.0(Mar 12, 2022)

    • Synchronization with Nextcloud ("GPodder Sync" app) (@thrillfall)
    • 'Duration' filter in podcast-specific auto-download settings (@thomasdomingos)
    • 'Downloaded episodes' screen in Android Auto (@ByteHamster)
    • Tags (previously folders): add to multiple podcasts via multi-select, rename tags (@vbh)
    • Accessibility: more TalkBack (@johnjohndoe @TacoTheDank)
    • Improvements for local feeds, mobile connections, physical keyboard/mouse support
    • Many minor & bigger bug fixes and other improvements
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.4.2(Jan 16, 2022)

  • 2.4.1(Dec 14, 2021)

    • Fix not removing "new" flag when streaming
    • Fix incomplete synchronization
    • Fix crash on Android 5.0 and older
    • Fix initial subscription on some devices
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.4.0(Nov 14, 2021)

    • Multi-select for episode lists & on the Subscriptions screen (@peakvalleytech, @ByteHamster)
    • Swipe actions on episode lists (@ueen, @ByteHamster)
    • Fixed playback restart after bluetooth/headphone dis- & reconnect (@tonytamsf)
    • Improved pull-to-refresh (less likely accidental refresh) (@ByteHamster, @vbh, @jhenninger)
    • Show speed dialog on single tap (@ByteHamster)
    • Restart episodes faster after a long pause (@ByteHamster)
    • Tag podcasts directly after a long-press in the side menu (@vbh)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.3.2(Aug 31, 2021)

  • 2.3.1(Jul 26, 2021)

  • 2.3.0(Jul 22, 2021)

    • Support for tagging (grouping) subscriptions (@ByteHamster)
    • Redesigned player screen (@ueen, @jonasburian, @ByteHamster)
    • New dialog to set feed update interval/time (@FivelMttz, @peakvalleytech, @ByteHamster)
    • Chapter dividers & -navigation in the progress bar (@jonasburian)
    • Contribute entry in settings screen: see how you can help! (@peakvalleytech)
    • Support Podcasting 2.0 Funding tag: display as links on podcast info screen (@tonytamsf)
    • Pull-to-refresh on Queue screen (@datavizard)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.2.1(May 21, 2021)

  • 2.2.0(May 8, 2021)

    • Optional notifications for new episodes (@connectety)
    • Use PodcastIndex for main search (@tonytamsf)
    • Sleep timer extend buttons (@max-wittig)
    • Optional rewind, forward & skip buttons on widget (@tonytamsf)
    • 'When not favorited' as Episode Cleanup (@spacecowboy)
    • More actions for hardware buttons (@timakro)
    • Improved Android Auto & chapter support (@tonytamsf, @ByteHamster)
    • Fixed stuck notification (@a1291762)
    • Player screen usability for visually impaired (@ByteHamster)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.1.4(Feb 24, 2021)

  • 2.1.3(Feb 14, 2021)

    • Fixed loading playback state from gpodder.net (by @britiger)
    • Fixed using filter when there is a sync error (by @damoasda)
    • Fixed empty sidebar after adding some local folders (by @ByteHamster)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.1.2(Jan 11, 2021)

    • Fix custom gpodder host not working (by @s3lph)
    • Fix played/unplayed status in playback history not updating (by @damoasda)
    • Fix auto download loop for local feeds (by @damoasda)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.1.1(Dec 13, 2020)

    • A long-standing wish of many: playing local files! In the 'Add podcast' screen simply tap 'Add local folder' and select a location on your phone! (by @ByteHamster, @igoralmeida & @damoasda)
    • Pick a country for the 'Discover' screen (@tonytamsf)
    • Keyboard shortcuts (by @asdoi)
    • Search the PodcastIndex.org database (by @edwinhere)
    • Pull to refresh (by @asdoi)
    • Playback speed & filter dialogs (by @ByteHamster & @bws9000)
    • Smooth sleep timer volume (by @olivoto)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.0.3(Nov 1, 2020)

    • Fixed Auto Skip when using "Keep skipped episodes" (by @tonytamsf)
    • Fixed played state sometimes not being displayed (by @ByteHamster)
    • More bug fixes (by @ByteHamster)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 2.0.2(Oct 18, 2020)

  • 2.0.1(Oct 13, 2020)

    We are proud to release version 2.0 with a new logo and refreshed user interface. Thank you to 6420 users who participated in the vote for the new logo!

    • Support for chapter images (only new episodes, by @ByteHamster)
    • Skip intro and ending per feed (by @tonytamsf)
    • Option to show notifications after episodes have been auto-downloaded (by @shortspider)
    • Bug fixes and improvements (by @ebraminio, @tonytamsf, @JessieVela, @ByteHamster and more)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.8.3(Jul 28, 2020)

  • 1.8.2(Jul 25, 2020)

  • 1.8.1(Feb 12, 2020)

    • Enabled picture-in-picture for video podcasts by default (by @ByteHamster)
    • Fixed podcast discovery not showing local trends (by @tonytamsf)
    • Various bug fixes and improvements (by @ByteHamster)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.8.0(Jan 26, 2020)

    • Added per-feed playback speed setting (by @spacecowboy)
    • Support sorting in Podcast screen (by @orionlee)
    • Option to show stream button rather than download in lists (by @dsmith47)
    • Option to replace Episode cover with Podcast cover (by @xgouchet)
    • Transparent widget (by @M-arcel)
    • User interface tweaks (by @ByteHamster)
    • Tons of bug fixes and improvements
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.7.3b(Sep 28, 2019)

    • Display episode image on widget (by @brad)
    • Added checkbox to keep queue sorted (by @damoasda)
    • New UI for "Add podcast" screen (by @ByteHamster)
    • Added batch editing to the queue (by @ByteHamster)
    • Added option to adapt remaining time to playback speed (by @CedricCabessa)
    • Removed broken Flattr integration (by @ByteHamster)
    • Added filter to "All episodes" list (by @jhunnius)
    • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.7.2b(May 27, 2019)

    • Added configurable behavior of the back button
    • Added delete option to episode's context menu
    • New UI for batch edit feature
    • Set number of columns in subscription list
    • Lots of bug fixes
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.7.0(Oct 21, 2018)

    • NEW ExoPlayer (experimental) • Fix for Bluetooth Forward (Oreo) • Preference redesign + search • Notification improvements • Different screens for feed info and settings • Sort Queue with Random or Smart Shuffle • True Black Theme for AMOLED • Improvements to feed parsing • Fix for app being killed by Android Oreo

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.6.5(Apr 15, 2018)

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Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software

Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one's finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes.

Money Manager EX 1.2k Dec 31, 2022
MyAlarmManager - Learn to use alarm manager

MyAlarmManager belajar menggunakan alarm manager One time alarm Repeating alarm

Muhammad Beni Fajri 0 Jan 24, 2022