A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker



DroidShows: A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker
This fork adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved interface, a menu overflow button, pinning, quick search and filters, a separate archive/backlog list, a last seen episodes log, swipe gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading. DroidShows only needs an internet connection when updating the show info or watching full-size posters.

Some pointers:

  • Don't forget to update all shows regularly (pull-to-refresh)
  • Context menu has more options (long-press item or use overflow buttons)
  • Swipe left-to-right to go back
    In Shows Overview:
  • Tap poster for next episode info
  • Double tap for for show info
  • Long-press poster external resource (to *[url]s directly, or list)
  • Swipe right-to-left to mark next as seen
    In Show Details:
  • Tap poster for full-screen view
  • Click full-screen poster image for fan art
  • Long-press full-screen poster to open in external app
    In Show/Episode Details:
  • Tap IMDb rating to view in IMDb App when installed, or on IMDb's mobile webpage
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Wiki (FAQ)
Screenshots & comparison with original DroidSeries
XDA Forum post / Changelog
Download APK: from XDA forum post, F-Droid Repository or here

DroidShows Screenshot
Shows Overview:
+ Put a "*" before external source URLs to open them directly via a double tap on the poster (e.g. "*battlestarwiki.org")
+ Optionally show "1x1 | Next airing: 1x4 on Jan 1, 2017" (Left = next episode for you to watch; Right = first episode to be aired)
+ Showing "[aired unwatched] of [total unwatched]"
+ Added separate archive/backlog to keep shows you're not currently watching out of your way
+ Added icon ic_menu_view for show/hide toggled
+ Status of show in details, and † in overview if show is not continuing
+ If show position changed, scroll back to show after [Mark next episode as seen] and Seasons list
+ Option to only update shows' latest season
+ Context items to view show details on FANDOM (Wikia), Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia and IMDb
+ Add your own per-show external resources (links to Wikia, blogs etc.)
+ Pin shows to the top of the list for easy access
+ Tap cover for next episode's info, long-press for show info, double tap for external resources
+ Swipe right-to-left to mark next episode as seen (shows confirmation toast)
+ Option to include specials in unwatched count
+ Mark next episode seen via swipe now vibrates
+ Optionally determine next episode by first unseen overall, or by last marked as watched
+ Undo function (until full exit)
+ A log that shows the last shows you've marked as seen + Showing middot · when all new episodes are aired
+ New show & episode details views
+ View full size poster and fan art
+ Quick search (filter)
+ Exclude shows without unseen aired episodes
+ Added overflow buttons for easier access to context menus
+ Pull-To-Refresh to update shows
* Sorting shows by first unseen episode
* Clarified toggle and sort options
* Not showing "null" entries from DB
* Posters now fill row height, aspect ratios independent of screen's

Seasons/Episodes list:
+ Showing "[aired] of [season episodes]"
+ Aired date in episodes list
+ Date of when episode was marked as seen is shown next to checkmark
+ Click on episode title for details, on checkmark to change seen state
+ Automatically scroll to current season / first unwatched episode
* Big performance improvement for entirely rewritten Seasons activity: is now almost instant

Add show:
+ Icon resized rate_star_med_on_holo_dark for added shows
+ Icon ic_menu_add for new shows
+ Choose the synopsis language per show
* Fixed search not working after initial search
* Centered icons vertically in search results
* Large-size posters aren't cached, to save space in /data/data/

* Prevent double episode entries

+ Click on an episode air date to add it to your calendar
+ Option to use a mirror if TheTVDB.com is too slow in your region
+ Menu (overflow) button should show up in Android 3.0+
+ Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Russian translations
+ Choose which synopsis language to fetch from TheTVDB
+ Modern looking layout
+ Swipe left-to-right acts as back button
+ Animations that help understand the app's structure
+ Backup/restore database
+ Automatically create backups (max. once a day) * Date/time format according to locale
* Big performance improvement for Overview activity (values are kept up-to-date in series table)
* Some progress dialogs cancelable
* Update of all shows continues when navigating away from DroidShows
* Screen off/rotating screen/navigating away from app during update poses no problems anymore
* [Exit] removes app from memory
* Fixed UI glitches/styles
* Code clean-up (all layouts revised)

©2010 Carlos Limpinho, Paulo Cabido under GPLv3
Modified by Mikael Berthe
©2014-2018 Guillaume under GPLv3
New icon is a mix of work by Thrasos Varnava and Taenggo

  • [Translation] New version with two new strings

    [Translation] New version with two new strings

    @repetti and @helfio I've added two new strings and translated them myself with some searching and automated translation, could you please check if this is correct? The option is meant to hide (exclude) the shows without aired unseen episodes from the shows list. In English, I eventually settled for this:

    <string name="menu_exclude_seen">Exclude seen</string>
    <string name="menu_include_seen">Include seen</string>

    Could you have a look at these translations for that:


    <string name="menu_exclude_seen">Gesehene verbergen</string>
    <string name="menu_include_seen">Gesehene zeigen</string>


    <string name="menu_include_seen">Ocultar vistos</string>
    <string name="menu_exclude_seen">Mostrar vistos</string>


    <string name="menu_exclude_seen">Скрыть просмотренной</string>
    <string name="menu_include_seen">Показать просмотренной</string>
    help wanted question 
    opened by ltGuillaume 44
  • Feature request: make it easier to find and add shows in different languages.

    Feature request: make it easier to find and add shows in different languages.

    Here is another one. I have at times had a hard time adding certain shows, maybe because of how DroidShows searches.

    E.g. I did not get a hit on “Les petits meurtres” (for Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie). But it does give me a hit on the database site. Finding the English name of the series (through Wikipedia) did let me add it. One I still haven’t been able to add is “De Slimste Mens”. Again no problem finding it on TheTVDB at all. This one does not have an English name (that I could find) to try instead…

    If DroidShows’ offline search can’t be as wide as the online one, maybe for performance reasons or because you aren’t storing show names in all possible languages, that is understandable. But then try and offer a fallback for the less obvious shows.

    One possible fallback could be if DroidShows allowed me to add shows by their TheTVDB Show ID. That way people have a way to always add it to the app if they can find it on TheTVDB no matter under what name.

    feature fixed 
    opened by Zegnat 14
  • Feature request: use first unseen after last seen as next episode.

    Feature request: use first unseen after last seen as next episode.

    This might seem weird in a world of binge-watching, Netflix, YouTube, and BitTorrent, but some people are still dependent on good old TV channels and their whims. This means you can’t always watch a programme starting at episode 1 of season 1.

    Recently we started watching Doctor Who again, but we just started where the TV broadcaster was at the time: episode 2 of season 7, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

    Currently DroidShows is telling me my next episode of Doctor Who will be 1x01. Worse still even when I go into the series it will say my next episode of Season 7 is 1x01. When I watch the next episode next week, I have to remember what season I am in because I DroidShows doesn’t focus my current season for me (#11).

    I can’t imagine I am the only person alive who isn’t always able to start at 1x01.

    The solution seems simple to me: instead of displaying the absolute first unseen episode of a series and season, display the first unseen episode after the last seen one.

    I could go and manually mark everything as seen, but then I would lose any reliable tracking statistics. I really like how DroidShows keeps track of when I watched an episode.

    feature fixed 
    opened by Zegnat 14
  • Feature request: Make keyboard automatically appear when using the search function

    Feature request: Make keyboard automatically appear when using the search function

    I've a little feature request: When I use the search function, the textbox appears and I can search. But I have to tap it first, to make my keyboard appear. Would be nice, if that could be automatically be done.

    Thank you!

    bug fixed 
    opened by casperklein 14
  • Android P Compatibility Warning...

    Android P Compatibility Warning...

    Hello Again My Friend! :-)

    I just wanted to provide you with a heads up with something that I've encountered a few of my developments and noticed the same for the DroidShows app as well.

    Simply put, when launching the DroidShows App in Android P, there has been a Popup message reflecting the App being for an earlier version of Android. This doesn't mean that it won't work for Android P. It's just a little bothersome to see (personally).

    I do know that it's tied in to the API/SDK of the app not targeting (or reflecting a minimum) pointing to the Android P but, I'm still trying to locate a definite solution for my developments.

    I figured that I should mention this to you before others ask about this sporadically over time.

    Thank you very much for your time and understanding with this! :-)


    fixed improvement android sucks 
    opened by Ibuprophen 11
  • Films and stuff

    Films and stuff

    Maybe you can add some section for Films that got seen? The more i look so less i cant remember that. So i do waste less time.

    Also it would nice to setup some notes on film's and series or some favorites at them. Some parts of series that nice i would to look again in future. But then i can't remember wich it was.

    Thanks for all the work done yet.

    opened by EdenDorf 11
  • App crash due to network exceptions

    App crash due to network exceptions

    DroidShows 7.0.4, this bug affects all Android versions

    In the DroidShows.java:772: Serie sToUpdate = theTVDB . getSerie(serieId, langCode); If the network connection breaks at this time point, the XMLParser in getSerie would return a null Serie object, and cause a subsequent null pointer exception crash.

    bug fixed 
    opened by njumzs 11
  • Pass captcha requests on to users

    Pass captcha requests on to users

    When requesting info for some TV-MA rated shows, tvdb will throw a captcha request. As it stands now, the app will either throw an error saying it can't connect to tvdb if that is the only search result, and otherwise show an entry titled something like "403 Forbidden Content".

    An example of this can be seen by searching for "Demon".

    opened by LivInTheLookingGlass 10
  • The return of: Context menu opens mostly below visible area

    The return of: Context menu opens mostly below visible area

    Version 7.6.1

    Almost same issue as in: https://github.com/ltGuillaume/DroidShows/issues/35

    But in addition to the scrollable context menu with an "empty" row on top (just figured out, its not empty, but contains the tv show title with an estimate font size of 1px).


    fixed android sucks 
    opened by casperklein 10
  • Updating show broken

    Updating show broken

    Never had an issue updating with any version I've used. Always worked for me untill the past 3 days or so. Some shows update, some don't. Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this or not.

    opened by legolasmcm 9
  • Unmatched Episodes Not Highlighted...

    Unmatched Episodes Not Highlighted...

    Hello Again! :-)

    The following Screen Recording attachment reflects future episodes that are not highlighted as the others are (happens for specials as well).


    Also, this is the first time I had experienced this myself and wanted to bring this to your attention. It's not a real big deal with me.

    Thanks a bunch!


    opened by Ibuprophen 9
  • [bug] error in DB query when next episode occurs in a later season

    [bug] error in DB query when next episode occurs in a later season

    lines that need to be fixed:


    • commit to fork that fixes this bug
    • I didn't really look too closely at your repo.. the changes might be verbatim, or they might need a minor tweak to fit your schema
    opened by warren-bank 1
  • [FR] Wishlist, New Fork

    [FR] Wishlist, New Fork

    I've only just recently found this app. I'm absolutely loving it. Great job!

    Here are a few suggestions for improvements:

    • add "FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK" flag to Intent when launching an "external resource" URL, so DroidShows remains visible in the recents menu as the top-most Activity in the history stack for its task
    • add menu item to main menu:
      • "Sort by.." opens a dialog with options:
        • Sort by name
        • Sort by unseen (oldest first)
          • note: this ascending order is currently available
        • Sort by unseen (newest first)
          • note: this descending order would be very useful
    • add menu item to season context menu:
      • "Seasons after here are unseen" (because I sometimes like to rewatch a series from the beginning)
    • add option to configure the background color
      • default:
        • System Wallpaper
      • solid color:
        • White
        • Black
    • add option to disable the pull-to-update feature (because I often trigger it by accident)
    • add option to manage labels (ex: similar to Gmail) to categorize shows
      • default:
        • Active
        • Archive
      • use case: multi-user
        • John
        • Jane
      • use case: genre
        • Reality TV
        • British detectives
      • notes:
        • this would require additional UI to manage label associations per show
        • this would effect "update" behavior
          • currently, only "Active" shows are update (ie: not "Archive")
          • the menu item "Update shows" (ie: pull-to-update behavior) should only update the shows associated with the currently selected label
          • a new menu item "Update all" could be added that would trigger an update to shows in all labels
    feature improvement 
    opened by warren-bank 143
  • Pull-down gesture to update TV shows does not work on Android 12

    Pull-down gesture to update TV shows does not work on Android 12

    With the update to Android 12, the gesture "pull-down to update the TV shows" does not work anymore.

    Workaround: Via the context menu (three dots on the right), the same feature works.

    Version affacted/tested: 7.11.2

    opened by casperklein 0
  • Sort by date of next episode

    Sort by date of next episode

    When sorting by unseen, the shows should show the shows sorted by the date of the next unseen episode (the same value that is used for the "next episode" field in the overview). Instead the shows are seemingly in random order: Screenshot_20211226-155554

    Tested with 7.11.2 from Fdroid on Android 12.

    opened by Scumpeter 10
  • option for owned and watched for episodes.

    option for owned and watched for episodes.

    It would be nice if there was an option for owned and watched for episodes. Some people collect and watch, it's not always easy to keep track of shows you are following to know if you have it yet and if you have it, have you watched it. A simple color change for the check marks is all that is needed. Like yellow for owned and green for watched. Something like that. Touch once for owned twice for watched.. option to turn it on or off

    feature wontfix 
    opened by nutpantz 10
  • Feature request: alarm / notification when new episode is released?

    Feature request: alarm / notification when new episode is released?

    Hi everyone,

    just switched to fdroid apps. So far I love this app, I just wonder if there is the option to get an notification / alarm if a new episode is screened. I didn*t find anything in the options or with quick google search.

    Best regards

    feature wontfix duplicate 
    opened by ghost 5
  • 7.11.2(Sep 2, 2020)



    • [x] Fix URLs when searching on external sources websites (e.g. IMDb) for episode/show with an ampersand in it (#109)


    • [x] Fix keyboard not popping up in Android 12+ (#38)


    • [x] Don't reload search results after adding a show
    • [x] Possibly prevent delays in main and seasons activities by making AsyncTasks static


    • [x] Decrease pull-to-refresh delay from 1000 to 500ms
    • [x] Instead of crashing, show an error toast if no Calendar app was found (#91)
    • [x] Don't restart activity when rotating (#93)


    • [x] Preliminary statistics: per-show total seen time (calculated with the average episode runtime)
    • [x] Bring back "Include/Exclude seen" option in main menu (faster than "Filter shows")
    • [x] Make versioning of backups optional
    • [x] Fix daily backups trigger by disabling write-ahead logging for database (which is enabled by default since Android 9)
    • [x] Trigger automatic backup in onStop() instead of onDestroy(), since the activity could apparently stay opened for days and backups would not be created
    • [x] Changed HttpURLConnection to HttpsURLConnection (#89)
    • [x] External resources: add https:// to URLs without :// instead of http://
    • [x] Refactoring: renamed some methods, same name for per-show and per-season methods
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.11.1.apk(207.01 KB)
    DroidShows_7.11.2.apk(207.49 KB)
    DroidShows_7.11.4.apk(207.58 KB)
  • 7.10.2(Jun 1, 2020)



    • [x] Fixed: touching the right edge of the screen triggered onBackPressed() when the user didn't scroll yet
    • [x] Fixed: onBackPressed() could be triggered twice
    • [x] Improved mark next episode gesture detection (don't scroll vertically during gesture)


    • [x] Add long-press on checkbox to change seen timestamp (as in episode details) to episodes overview
    • [x] Improve gesture detection for Mark episode as seen
    • [x] Fixed a crash when adding a new show without a poster (no idea how that return; statement got lost)
    • [x] Refactor (messsages_edit_)seen_date (messsages_edit_)seen_timestamp and seendate to seenTimestamp


    • [x] Add time picker dialog for seen timestamp (#87)
    • [x] Fixed listView not resetting to top when switching between current/archive/log
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.10.2.apk(205.82 KB)
  • 7.9.11(May 9, 2020)


    NOTE: After updating to v7.9.x, the first start will take a while! The database has to be restructured for the new features. Please be patient.


    • [x] Prevented loading shows twice on start-up due to spinner.setOnItemSelectedListener. This caused flickering of the list.
    • [x] Improved use of notifyDataChanged to speed up list changes
    • [x] Used similar procedure to fetch posters when adding shows and when updating shows. This may solve the issue that the poster didn't show up when adding a new show.


    • [x] Changed versionCode format
    • [x] Removed maxSdkVersion to support Android 10+
    • [x] android:resizeableActivity="true" should remove letterbox on 21:9 screens


    • [x] Properly fixed Seasons/Specials order in Seasons overview
    • [x] Use AsyncTask for adding shows


    • [x] Fixed Seasons/Specials order in Seasons overview (caused by API changes)


    • [x] Always reload shows after adding to prevent duplicates (#79)
    • [x] Improve IMDB rating handling in episode details


    • [x] Fixed "simple check to prevent "Update all shows" from being triggered multiple times"
    • [x] Version bump for F-Droid (https://github.com/ltGuillaume/DroidShows/issues/76)
    • [x] German translation updated (thx @casperklein)


    • [x] Added (+) "Add new show" button to Search field (search for show, if isn't added yet, click + button to add it right away)
    • [x] Allow short (non-URL) entries in external resources (e.g. the name of the guy/gal who forced you into watching that show)
    • [x] Added simple check to prevent "Update all shows" from being triggered multiple times
    • [x] Restored behavior: update current AND archived shows after clicking "Search"
    • [x] Added tip for adding calendar items
    • [x] Improved external resources examples


    • [x] Updating via pull-to-refresh sometimes wouldn't work after the 1st time (thx for reporting, @ibuprophen1)
    • [x] Overscroll wouldn't always snap back when aborting pull-to-refresh


    • [x] Fixed issue with progress indicator on restore (thx @casperklein)
    • [x] Fixed issue with reloading shows after restore (thx @casperklein)


    • [x] Fixed a problem with duplicated thumbnails on updating all shows while the listView was reordering its shows asynchronously (e.g. when restoring)


    • [x] Add context menu item for Seasons in Log mode
    • [x] Add plural for 'to be aired' (thx @m1ga)


    • [x] Fixed a mistake in Edit seen date in Episodes Overview


    • [x] Fixed Edit seen date (load & save) in Episodes Overview (thx @Mirclus #69)
    • [x] Preliminary change TargetSDK = 21 for fixing black bar at bottom for high-res displays
    • [x] Bundle database ops when updating show stats (beginTransaction() etc.)


    • [x] Changed menu order for Search on old Android versions
    • [x] Fixed episode IMDb lookup from Log
    • [x] Cleaned up options and context menus in Log mode
    • [x] Added context menu buttons to Log
    • [x] Set context menu title to episode name in Log mode



    • [x] Option to calculate the next episode by starting from the last episode that was marked as seen (don't assume the first unseen episode)
    • [x] Add episode to calendar by clicking on the air date
    • [x] Context menu items to search on FANDOM (Wikia) and Rotten Tomatoes


    • [x] Include timestamp for seen mark (needed for "Mark next episode starting from the most recently watched")
    • [x] Visual distinction in "Search shows" between current and archived shows
    • [x] Pinned shows aren't white, but have a "pin" next to them
    • [x] Don't show toast messages for automatic backups
    • [x] Disable fast scroll (interferes with context menu and show filters)
    • [x] Show database update errors as toast messages and logcat entries


    • [x] Update next episode text when toggling a relevant option
    • [x] Don't just update last season when changing synopsis language (ignore the relevant option)
    • [x] Searching in "Add show" activity for 2nd time, then changing synopsis language would search using 1st search term
    • [x] Open AddSerie activity when clicking the "Add show" button to prevent confusion
    • [x] Changed some error handling for database operations

    TRANSLATIONS OF STRINGS NEEDED (French, Italian, Spanish, Russian):

    • "Tap date to add to calendar"


    • "Filter shows"
    • "Pull down list to update shows"
    • "Mark next episode starting from the most recently watched"
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.9.10.apk(205.09 KB)
    DroidShows_7.9.11.apk(204.84 KB)
  • 7.8.0(Mar 24, 2019)



    • [x] Prevent popup "This app was built for an older version of Android..." on >= Pie (thx @ibuprophen1)
    • [x] Change synopsis language per show
    • [x] Specify synopsis language when adding new shows
    • [x] Long-press check box in Episode Details to change seen date
    • [x] Set folder for daily backups via Backup button
    • [x] Removed old restore locations
    • [x] Changed date format in Restore
    • [x] Don't allow for browsing above ExternalStorageDirectory
    • [x] Prevent browsing outside primary external storage in Restore
    • [x] Added margin for text not to overlap context menu buttons
    • [x] Removed maxLines
    • [x] Added Italian translation (thx @Jiack214)
    • [x] Updated German translation (thx @finefin)
    • [x] Updated Spanish translation (thx @CalebCDE)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.8.0.apk(202.36 KB)
    DroidShows_7.9.0beta.apk(204.20 KB)
    DroidShows_7.9.0beta2.apk(204.53 KB)
    DroidShows_7.9.0beta3.apk(204.53 KB)
    DroidShows_7.9.0beta4.apk(204.98 KB)
  • 7.7.2(Oct 18, 2017)



    • [x] Material-ish Design (Android 5+)
    • [x] Drop-down list for current/archive/log and custom popup style (Android 3+)
    • [x] File/folder picker for backup/restore
    • [x] Changed pull-to-refresh drawable
    • [x] Open context menus next to buttons (N+)
    • [x] Annoying scroll thumb doesn't show on start
    • [x] Fixed: German translations


    • [x] Added Material Design icon by Listy2021 (XDA) and me
      (old icon will still be used on Android < 5)
    • [x] Using separate icon for Action Bar
    • [x] Options/Filter dialogs only show icon on Android < 5
    • [x] Fixed java.lang.outOfMemoryError due to copying the shows ArrayList when expanding
    • [x] Fixed: List separator style in Seasons/Episodes list
    • [x] Changed tint of popups
    • [x] Fixed: More German translations
    • [x] Fixed: Wrong string for Archive in drop-down list
    • [x] Updated screenshots


    • [x] Swapped functionality: long-press poster is open external resources popup, double tap on poster is show details
    • [x] Added button to add show if 1) none are present or 2) "Search shows" doesn't come up with results
    • [x] Recreated icon and added adaptive launcher icon (Android 8+)
    • [x] Action bar icon slightly sharper
    • [x] Display show title in external resources dialog
    • [x] Don't show new "Add show" button in empty log

    TRANSLATIONS OF 2 NEW STRINGS NEEDED (French, Russian, Spanish): "Filter shows" "Pull down list to update shows"

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.7.2.apk(194.73 KB)
  • 7.6.2(Sep 27, 2017)



    • [x] Added Context menu buttons in shows list and seasons list
    • [x] Show/Season/Episode name in context menus


    • [x] Added pull-to-refresh feature (update shows by pulling down the list)
    • [x] Close Options dialog when performing backup/restore


    • [x] Infinite scroll in Log
    • [x] Fixed: posters were not downloaded (http->https)
    • [x] Fixed: keyboard did not pop up on search shows
    • [x] Fixed: more workarounds for Android 7 context menu stupidity/bugs
    • [x] Fixed: inconsistent text colors in Log
    • [x] Fixed: useless overscroll in Log
    • [x] Fixed: position of context button in Android 7+

    TRANSLATIONS OF 2 NEW STRINGS NEEDED (French, German, Russian, Spanish): "Filter shows" "Pull down list to update shows"

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.6.2.apk(176.35 KB)
  • 7.5.2(Aug 22, 2017)



    • [x] Filter shows by network ("Exclude seen" can be found under "Filter shows")
    • [x] Backup/restore buttons on top, OK button at bottom
    • [x] Fixed: issue where long-pressing show icon in search results would not trigger show details due to forced soft keyboard hiding
    • [x] Code clean-up and refactoring


    • [x] Fixed: check if backup directory existed did not work somehow


    • [x] Fixed: workaround for annoyance with Android 7.0 shrinking context menus
    • [x] Now using SDK25 to fix context menus issue
    • [x] Workaround for notifications in SDK25

    New string translations need to be checked...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.5.2.apk(173.46 KB)
  • 7.4.1(Feb 28, 2017)


    • [x] Added feature to pin shows to the top of the list, so you can keep close tabs on them
    • [x] Log feature: shows the last 100 episodes you've marked as seen, with click-to-open-episode-details (while a single tap on the poster will open the seasons list instead)
    • [x] Fixed: redone "jump to show" routine
    • [x] "Search shows" -> "Search" (for you can also search the episodes in Log mode)
    • [x] Fixed: removed unused space on right edge of shows list
    • [x] Fixed: seen date color in episodes list wasn't correct on hover after checking & scrolling
    • [x] Translations updated and fixed


    • [x] Fixed: "Sort by..." and "Update shows" were permanently disabled after entering the Log mode (thx @casperklein)
    • [x] Fixed: "Use entire line to mark episode" did not work anymore (thx @casperklein)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.4.1.apk(169.85 KB)
  • 7.3.5(Feb 9, 2017)


    • [x] Added option to use mirror for TheTVDB connection
    • [x] Much better connection error handling (including status bar notifications)
    • [x] Improved all translations of new strings thanks to feedback
    • [x] Fixed: if there were spaces between the custom external resource and the "*", the website would not be opened directly
    • [x] Fixed: FastScroll thumb settings weren't set after restore or when switching between archive/current
    • [x] Fixed: show stats weren't updated when returning from episode overview (accessed by tapping the poster image)
    • [x] Removed obsolete code


    • [x] Fixed: status bar notifications on connection errors causes a FC (Android 4+)


    • [x] Fixed: progress dialog did not close after updating single show (it wasn't me, it was Looper!)
    • [x] Fixed: when searching, but without a search term, all shows are listed. This is nice 'n handy when you want to update both current and archived shows in one go. But after updating, the list was refreshed showing only current OR archived shows


    • [x] Added French translation! (thx @amadeous)
    • [x] Updated Spanish translation (thx @CalebCDE)
    • [x] Monochrome icon for status bar notifications, using now monochrome'd poster placeholder
    • [x] Fixed: workaround for FC when returning to shows list after adding a new show that received NULL for showStatus
    • [x] Fixed: the original XML parser code wasn't any good with & and other special characters, wrote a simple fix
    • [x] Fixed: in Episodes list, the row wasn't updated after the seen status was changed in Episode Overview
    • [x] "last season" => "latest season"
    • [x] Fixed: "Next aired: ..." wasn't updated when 12 o'clock (AsyncInfo)
    • [x] Updated French translation
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.3.5.apk(167.29 KB)
  • 7.2.0(Dec 15, 2016)


    • [x] CHANGED BEHAVIOR: Tapping on poster icon in shows overview:
      • Single tap: go to episode details (was show details)
      • Long press: go to show details (was episode details)
      • Double tap: external sources (either open *[url]s directly, or - if no starred URLs - to sources list
    • [x] New option to add external resources (website URLs) to a show (via context menu). Add those blog posts or Wikia pages for quick reference.
    • [x] New option to peek ahead when you want to watch multiple episodes in one go, by showing date of first episode to be broadcasted to the right of your next unseen episode (useful to see if waiting for that next airing is worth it)
    • [x] Added check seen/unseen in episode details
    • [x] Added Episode details in shows context menu
    • [x] IMDb & Wikipedia context items now grouped under 'External resources' (make this permanent?)
    • [x] Removed .setCanceledOnTouchOutside(true) from dialogs: now (accidentally?) touching outside of popup menus and dialogs will NOT close the menu/dialog anymore
    • [x] Database update for External resources feature
    • [x] Added some synonym methods for easier handling
    • [x] String field declarations in ArrayAdapters to (theoretically) speed up the many getViews and to get cleaner code
    • [x] Fixed: episode activity's setTitle formatting
    • [x] Fixed: bug that added "db" string to the show's network name (Replace All is such a great feature :-/ )
    • [x] Fixed: update routine
    • [x] Fixed: Spanish translation
    • [x] changed OnClickListener+OnLongClickListener to OnTouchListener+SimpleOnGestureListener for poster
    • [x] changed some toggleSoftInput()'s to showSoftInput()
    • [x] Changed .indexOf() == 0 to .startsWith()
    • [x] Changed Readme.md to reflect feature changes

    7.2.1 beta

    • [x] Added option to use mirror for TheTVDB connection
    • [x] Much better connection error handling (including status bar notifications)
    • [x] Fixed: if there were spaces between the custom external resource and the "*", the website would not be opened directly.
    • [x] Fixed: FastScroll thumb settings weren't set after restore or when switching between archive/current.
    • [x] Removed obsolete code
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.2.0.apk(160.26 KB)
    DroidShows_7.2.1beta4.apk(160.30 KB)
  • 7.1.0(Nov 5, 2016)


    • [x] To prevent flashing of list views when sorting (on slow devices), main layout is hidden during reinitialization of shows list
    • [x] Separate variables to determine when stats of current shows and archived shows were last updated
    • [x] Next episode isn't recalculated in Seasons activity for scroll-to-current-season anymore
    • [x] Fixed: Very rare occasion of FC: "The content of the adapter has changed but ListView did not receive a notification"
    • [x] Fixed: when returning to app after it was removed from memory, showing current/archived shows, or all (when filtering), wasn't remembered, could result in "No shows found."
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.1.0.apk(155.45 KB)
  • 7.0.9(Oct 27, 2016)


    • [x] Scroll to top after toggling between current/archived shows
    • [x] notifyDataSetChanged before showing listView again in updateListView
    • [x] Fixed: archive/recover show from filtered list removed the show from the list
    • [x] Fixed: archived shows didn't show in filtered list after activity was removed from memory
    • [x] Fixed: archive/recover show inside filtered shows list used current list as status instead of show's status
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.0.9.apk(154.97 KB)
  • 7.0.8(Oct 6, 2016)


    • [x] Search shows now searches through current AND archived shows (not just the currently listed)
    • [x] Prevent accidental uncheck by clicking seen date in episodes list
    • [x] Disable Show Archive and Toggle seen context buttons when in filtered list
    • [x] When already filtered, "Search shows" doesn't reset the filter, but just focuses the search pane
    • [x] Set a connection timeout and read timeout for adding/updating shows
    • [x] Update shows' last season only setting is now default for new installs
    • [x] Avoid flashing of shows list when toggling archive/current, filter on/off
    • [x] Fixed: peculiar bug that caused the wrong episode to be checked when using Edit Seen Date and keyboard input
    • [x] Fixed: toggle sort when in filtered list
    • [x] Fixed: sometimes the search pane was gone upon returning to DroidShows, but the list was still filtered: now back key clears filter instead of exiting
    • [x] Fixed: progress dialog could hang while adding show
    • [x] Fixed: seasons list could become unresponsive while updating the season stats because of constant updates by parallel threads
    • [x] Fixed: FC when deleting show (was resetting filter unnecessarily)
    • [x] Fixed: Some asyncInfo misery
    • [x] Fixed: when shows list was empty, "No shows found." wouldn't show up
    • [x] Fix in Russian translation
    • [x] Minor code cleanup.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.0.8.apk(154.84 KB)
  • 7.0.7(May 10, 2016)



    • [x] Option to automatically perform backups (max. once a day, if DroidShows was used)
    • [x] Restore also looks for older backups (.db0, .db1, then droidseries.db in root of external storage)
    • [x] A maximum of 3 backups will now be saved in folder "DroidShows" on external storage
    • [x] Re-ordered/renamed some menu and context menu items
    • [x] Added try/catch blocks around AsyncTask sections in order to prevent rare and unnecessary crashes


    • [x] Minor fix to prevent unnecessary automatic backups (when backup was older than today, but active database had the same modification date as the backup)


    • [x] Fixed: episodes marked as seen from within the episodes list weren't checked anymore when scrolled out of and back into view


    • [x] Fixed: episodes aired today were not allowed to be marked as seen from within the shows list (via context menu or swipe gesture)


    • [x] Long-press full-size poster to open in external app that supports image URLs (e.g. Gallery)
    • [x] Fixed handling connection exceptions when updating a single show, thanks @njumzs


    • [x] Added context menu option for episodes to change seen date
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_7.0.7.apk(154.53 KB)
  • 6.9.3(Feb 22, 2016)


    • [x] Fixed problems introduced in 6.7 because SimpleDateFormat is not thread-safe:
      • wrong dates were parsed for "today", leading to wrong unwatched aired counts
      • wrong/broken up next episode strings in seasons list)
    • [x] Reverted # of episodes aired to count that doesn't include today
    • [x] Made seasons list layout more consistent with shows list: next episode is now grayed out/normal instead of normal/bold
    • [x] Optimized getView() for all lists
    • [x] Now using Calendar instances instead of using deprecated Date methods
    • [x] Small improvements


    • [x] Future air dates are also grayed out in the episodes list
    • [x] Re-activate filter when switching between archive and current


    • [x] getView() didn't check if convertView was null in one situation, could cause crash


    • [x] The listView separator was gone in seasons/episodes list since 6.7
    • [x] Performance issue: legacy code for episode list used to do a database query per episode on every getView(), now it uses one query for the entire list
    • [x] Moved createTVShowItem to SQLiteStore
    • [x] Fixed IntentReceiverLeaked problems in show/episode view when swipe back gesture was used while finger on rating/names.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.9.3.apk(152.01 KB)
  • 6.8(Feb 15, 2016)


    • [x] Fixed typos in german translation (thx @casperklein)
    • [x] Fixed IMDb request in Episode view when no IMDb app installed (thx @iphone.ang)
    • [x] Fixed IMDb request in Show view when used twice


    • [x] Hopefully fixed issue where list items remained greyed out (disabled), even when newly aired episodes were available
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.8.1.apk(152.43 KB)
  • 6.7(Feb 8, 2016)


    • [x] New feature to exclude shows without unseen aired episodes from list
    • [x] Reorganized menu items
    • [x] Marked shows a little bit differently if next episode airs today
    • [x] Removed possible delay between swipe gesture and Vibrator response
    • [x] Date today is now a single static variable, updated when needed
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.7.apk(152.58 KB)
  • 6.6(Feb 4, 2016)

  • 6.5(Dec 26, 2015)


    • [x] Remove out-of-place fastScrollTrackDrawable
    • [x] No more Iterator used via for(.. : ..) in AsyncTask, now using counter (ConcurrentModificationException again)
    • [x] Fix to allow switching between current/archived shows after restoring backup & canceling update all
    • [x] New screenshot
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.5.apk(150.09 KB)
  • 6.4(Dec 13, 2015)


    • [x] Added German translation (thx @repetti)
    • [x] Added Russian translation (thx @repetti)
    • [x] Removed iterator in AsyncTask, introduced in v6.1, delayed list sorting (can cause items to be added) until after cycling through shows for stats refresh in order to avoid (hopefully) ConcurrentModificationException as described in issue #4
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.4.apk(149.85 KB)
  • 6.3(Dec 4, 2015)

  • 6.2(Nov 26, 2015)


    This version introduces a bug that does not allow you to add a new show properly. Please stand by for v6.3


    • [x] Moved around some variables to make other activities independent of main activity
    • [x] Workaround for Android bug so that returning to last opened activity works
    • [x] Made clear that current shows are NOT updated when archived shows are listed and vice versa (strings changed)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 6.1(Oct 26, 2015)

  • 6.0(Oct 11, 2015)


    • [x] Removed Enable/Disable function, added Archive (separate list to stash old / non-current shows)
    • [x] "Seasons up to here are seen" re-marked seen episodes so that view dates were lost
    • [x] Keyboard didn't show up on "Search shows"
    • [x] Fix for shows not showing up if passiveStatus in database is NULL
    • [x] Little fix in database creation ("passiveStatus INTEGER DEFAULT 0") that caused 6.0's problem
    • [x] Cancel AsyncInfo thread if an item from the list is to be removed (in order to prevent a FC)
    • [x] Restore didn't update the archived shows
    • [x] A show is added to the list you're viewing (current or archive)
    • [x] Added toast to archive/recover operation
    • [x] Finally found a proper word for "unarchive"
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_6.0e.apk(132.81 KB)
    DroidShows_6.1TEST.apk(137.90 KB)
  • 5.9(Oct 3, 2015)

  • 5.8(Oct 1, 2015)


    • [x] Faster db clean-up routine on updating (removed separate Clean button in Options)
    • [x] Swipe gestures work over clickable fields (actors, directors, etc.)
    • [x] Made sure deleting an episode also deletes linked directors, guest stars and writers
    • [x] Small adjustment to icon
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_5.8.apk(131.42 KB)
  • 5.7(Sep 4, 2015)


    • [x] Changed icon a bit
    • [x] Long-press on cover could lead to empty "next episode details" if no new episode or if no air date for the next episode was available
    • [x] No trimming in overview/synopsis parsing might preserve spaces where necessary

    Previous versions:

    5.6: Fixed the absence of directors, writers and guest stars in episode info; Click on directors/writers/guest stars to find them on IMDb; Show toast message after single show was updated. 5.5: Added option to change language for synopsis (= TheTVDb language code); Added popup list in show details to quickly search for actor on IMDb 5.4: Fixed restoring databases from original DroidSeries with database version 0.1.5-6 (thanks Shadouw). 5.3: Long-pressing show's cover will now jump to the next episode's info (click IMDb score or long-press show's list item to go to next episode's IMDb page); Removed some useless try/catch routines; don't need to extract the text in order to get EditText's character length (thx github.com/mdaniel); Added link to XDA topic in Options dialog. 5.2: Show search field on activity restart when shows list is still filtered; Made swipe detect a bit more sensitive; Added a bit of padding to the left of the Quick Search close button; Removed useless TheTVDb model classes. 5.1: Added a quick search (filter) to make finding shows in your list a lot faster; list item operations now correspond to the ArrayAdapter's items, not the source List series (necessary for filter); Fixed double triggering of gestures; Clear undo list on restoring a backup; Renamed and edited some strings; Fixed exception when no icon drawable found. 5.0: Fast Scroll thumb not so wide; Fast scroll initiated with >15 shows; No more accidental back gesture AND opening next screen; "Hidden shows" renamed to "Disabled shows"; AsyncInfo was called twice upon start and caused a FC when showing/hiding disabled shows when thread was still running; Proper use of isCancelled() in AsyncInfo. 4.9: Kept forgetting to fix a parsing error for air dates in the old TheTVDB.java; Removed db.close() in onDestroy() again: small chance on FC's otherwise, not closing db can't hurt according to devs of Android, just some whining in logcat sometimes; Added db.close() to forced Exit option; no more APKs inside repository; Added some isCancelled() checks into AsyncTask in show info. 4.8: Introduced fast scrolling with non-obtrusive custom thumb image; On resume, immediately check for new aired episodes IF the date has changed; Optimized swipe gesture detection; Keep modified timestamp of backup files from original; Redid dialog options with single method; Database closed again on destroy, hope it won't do stupid stuff anymore this time; Removed all obsolete imported code of Apache commons; Removed Calendar dependency; Removed commented/unused methods (TheTVDB.java); 4.7: With all them Netflix series, one season at a time, sort unseen by number of unwatched aired episodes first, then by date; sorting now only on UI level, not in queries. 4.5: Delete old thumbs and webview db on Restore; Minor code clean-up 4.4: "…" => "\u2026" + "†" => "\u2020" (unicode character encoding problems fixed); Hide Genres & First Aired fields in Show Details when empty 4.3: Minor renaming issue with database table: keeping table "droidseries" for compatibility reasons. 4.2: Rebrand to "DroidShows" (primarily for F-Droid); TAG and strings 4.12: Gesture recognition fix (when scrolling through list with diagonal gesture) 4.11: Adding backup/restore function; About dialog to separate method; workaround for when no data from TheTVDb has been received for a show; removed useless thread booleans; removed useless getString()s; cleaned up some Toast declarations and dialog texts; toggleFilter() to private; thread names removed; increased retries for XMLParser; 4.10: Fixed FC when clicking show/hide toggled items immediately after start-up 4.09: Fixed: found some shows without episode names in TheTVDb, which resulted in an empty show being added to the database; Catch IMDb rating instances of "null"; Fixed toggle between poster and fan art when no fan art available 4.08: Added option to get back old swipe behavior (right-to-left for back in all screens but shows overview) 4.07: Added feature to directly go to IMDb page of episode by tapping on the IMDb score in episode details; Searches for IMDb are also redirected to the app if installed, otherwise the mobile IMDb site is used; Context menu item to view next episode's IMDb page; 4.06: "Seasons up to here are seen" now only marks episodes that have been aired 4.05: Added minimalistic animations to help understand the app's structure; Swipe left-to-right is now back (right-to-left is still "mark next episode as seen"); Removed the changelog (no-one's gonna read that); added/improved a couple of instructions on how to use the app in the Options dialog; 4.04: Removed separate activity for show synopsis when adding show; Instead added dialog with synopsis and Add button (disabled when already in DroidSeries); Touching outside dialogs (Options, synopses in Add show) dismisses the dialog; Fixed a bug in original code where toggled (hidden) shows were not seen as "already added", which could then result in all episodes being added again; 4.03: Actors heading was shown even when there were no actors to be shown; Some changes to conditionals with respect to empty genres/actors/etc. lists 4.02: KitKat's use of GURL screwed up loading of fan art when clicking on large poster (explanation: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23298290/; solution: https://developer.android.com/guide/...ting.html#URLs) 4.01: loadDataWithBaseURL to loadData with full data; Episodes checkmarks padding fix; Marquee for seasons info; to in show details; 4.00: All posters will be automatically refreshed upon Update (All) when having old dimensions or when not existing anymore (this occurred sometimes due to TheTVDb errors); No more support for older versions of original DroidSeries databases (only latest v0.1.5-7 is supported and will be updated with new fields); New poster thumbnail when no poster was found (did not work anymore, either - fixed) 3.91: Update routine for new poster thumbnail size 3.90: View full-size poster and fan art in show overview; Added total number of episodes per season; Seasons lists not static anymore; Added DatabaseUtils.sqlEscapeString()'s where necessary; If status is unknown, don't show stupid "null"; Using parallel AsyncTask for updates of show & season updates; Put SQL statements for Show & Episode Overview into own activity (no more putExtra hell); SerieEpisodes RelativeLayout to LinearLayout; SerieEpisodes setOnClickListener => android: onClick in XML; Removed and reordered some SQL clauses for (theoretical) performance; Some more decent names for variables; Loading of icon drawable in getView() for faster start-up 3.88: View full size poster and fan art 3.87: New show & episode details views; if no IMDb id for a show is provided, long-pressing poster/clicking on rating in show overview will go to IMDb search page; less useless distracting text on screens and in titles 3.85: Fixed: not always showing updated info after "Update all shows" 3.84: Showing middot · when all new episodes are aired; prettier list divider; About dialog called "Options"; instead of onItemClickListener using proper way of overriding onListItemClick; create ONE OnClickListener & ONE OnLongClickListener for all list items; some code cleanup 3.83: Translucent background 3.82: Added Undo function for "mark next episode as seen"; "Next episode" line no longer styled bold (more distinction between show name and info lines makes for quicker finding of shows while scrolling down the list). 3.81: Tested on tablet, fixed IconView once again. Resolution of poster on download and view is now independent of device's ratios, but still depends on the screen's long side (px). 3.81: Checkboxes in episodes list are now easier to tick when "Use entire line to check episode" is disabled. 3.80: Finally nailed it: ellipsize="marquee" is working. Note to self: never trust someone else's code blindly. 3.78: Showing † after show name when show ended (instead of * in show info field) and showing status when no new episodes.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    DroidShows_5.7.apk(132.71 KB)
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