GraphQL based Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI Kotlin Multiplatform sample

  • Fix GitHub Action

    Fix GitHub Action

    The GitHub Action fails because of ExperimentalCoroutinesAPI usages at the build iOS step. This PR resolves this issue by adding the necessary compiler arguments.

    opened by itsandreramon 1
  • remove AppCompat and Material dependencies + use insets

    remove AppCompat and Material dependencies + use insets

    This PR removes the dependencies on AppCompat and MDC. Since this is a Compose App, there is no need for them. However, it uses WindowInsets to provide the same look as before and takes inspiration from the official Accompanist sample found here:

    opened by itsandreramon 1
  • update Apollo to 3.0.0-alpha1

    update Apollo to 3.0.0-alpha1

    opened by joreilly 0
John O'Reilly
Android Software Engineer
John O'Reilly
GraphQL based Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI Kotlin Multiplatform sample

GraphQL based Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI Kotlin Multiplatform sample

John O'Reilly 59 Jul 24, 2021
Gradle plugin for simplify Kotlin Multiplatform mobile configurations

Mobile Multiplatform gradle plugin This is a Gradle plugin for simple setup of Kotlin Multiplatform mobile Gradle modules. Setup buildSrc/build.gradle

IceRock Development 59 Jul 5, 2021
Dependency Injection library for Kotlin Multiplatform, support iOS and Android

Multiplatform-DI library for Kotlin Multiplatform Lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin Multiplatform application Dependency injection

Anna Zharkova 12 Jul 27, 2021
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile App Template

KMMT : Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Template Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Development Simplified KMMT is a KMM based project template designed to simpli

Jitty Andiyan 117 Jul 19, 2021
Kotlin Native Xcode Plugin

Kotlin Native Xcode Support Plugin to facilitate debugging iOS applications using Kotlin Native in Xcode. Defines Kotlin files as source code, with ba

Touchlab 521 Jul 26, 2021
BuildConfig for Kotlin Multiplatform Project

BuildKonfig BuildConfig for Kotlin Multiplatform Project. It currently supports embedding values from gradle file. Table Of Contents Motivation Usage

Yasuhiro SHIMIZU 187 Jul 28, 2021
Kotlin Multiplatform project that gets network data from

Food2Fork Recipe App This is the codebase for a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile course. [Watch the course](

Mitch Tabian 181 Jul 24, 2021
DI can be simple. Forget about modules and components. Just use it!

PopKorn - Kotlin Multiplatform DI PopKorn is a simple, powerful and lightweight Kotlin Multiplatform Dependency Injector. It doesn't need any modules

Pau Corbella 109 May 22, 2021
Kotlin Multiplatform Application to show Crypto Coins

This is the codebase of Crypto currency Tracking Kotlin Multiplatform App. Components Shared Components Ktor (Network Client) SQL Delight (Local DB) A

Aman Bansal 8 Jul 15, 2021
Generic AST parsing library for kotlin multiplatform

kotlinx.ast kotlinx.ast is a generic AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) parsing library, Kotlin is currently the only supported language. The library is desig

null 140 Jul 27, 2021
KaMP Kit by Touchlab is a collection of code and tools designed to get your mobile team started quickly with Kotlin Multiplatform.

KaMP Kit Welcome to the KaMP Kit! About Goal The goal of the KaMP Kit is to facilitate your evaluation of Kotlin Multiplatform (aka KMP). It is a coll

Touchlab 1.2k Aug 2, 2021
A Bluetooth kotlin multiplatform "Cross-Platform" library for iOS and Android

Blue-Falcon A Bluetooth "Cross Platform" Kotlin Multiplatform library for iOS, Android, MacOS, Raspberry Pi and Javascript. Bluetooth in general has t

Andrew Reed 146 Jul 24, 2021
YouTube Player library for Android and Chromecast, stable and customizable.

android-youtube-player android-youtube-player is a stable and customizable open source YouTube player for Android. It provides a simple View that can

Pierfrancesco Soffritti 2.4k Aug 4, 2021
A collection of hand-crafted extensions for your Kotlin projects.

Splitties Splitties is a collection of small Kotlin multiplatform libraries (with Android as first target). These libraries are intended to reduce the

Louis CAD 1.8k Aug 4, 2021