A nicer-looking, more intuitive and highly customizable alternative for radio buttons and dropdowns for Android.



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Undergoing for some API changes for a 2.0 major version, see example usage in the sample module!

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What and why?

Bored of dull looking radio buttons and dropdowns? Me too. I started looking for a more sophisticated way of offering user a choice, and came up with this beautiful dribble.

Unfortunately, there were no ready-made solutions to achieve this, so I spent a good day working on this very thing I call SwipeSelector.

minSDK Version

SwipeSelector supports API levels all the way down to 8 (Android Froyo).



compile 'com.roughike:swipe-selector:1.0.6'



How do I use it?

The usage is really simple.

First add SwipeSelector to your layout file:

    android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

Then get a hold of it and give it a set of SwipeItem objects with values, titles and descriptions:

SwipeSelector swipeSelector = (SwipeSelector) findViewById(R.value.swipeSelector);
  // The first argument is the value for that item, and should in most cases be unique for the
  // current SwipeSelector, just as you would assign values to radio buttons.
  // You can use the value later on to check what the selected item was.
  // The value can be any Object, here we're using ints.
  new SwipeItem(0, "Slide one", "Description for slide one."),
  new SwipeItem(1, "Slide two", "Description for slide two."),
  new SwipeItem(2, "Slide three", "Description for slide three.")

Whenever you need to know what is the currently showing SwipeItem:

SwipeItem selectedItem = swipeSelector.getSelectedItem();

// The value is the first argument provided when creating the SwipeItem.
int value = (Integer) selectedItem.value;

// for example
if (value == 0) {
  // The user selected slide number one.

For an example project using multiple SwipeSelectors, refer to the sample app.


    app:swipe_descriptionGravity="center" />
the size for the circle indicators.
how far the indicators are from each other.
the color for normal unselected indicators.
the color for selected indicator.
swipe_leftButtonResource and swipe_rightButtonResource
custom Drawable resources for the left and right buttons. The margins for the content are calculated automatically, so even a bigger custom image won't overlap the content.
path for your custom font file, such as fonts/MySuperDuperFont.ttf. In that case your font path would look like src/main/assets/fonts/MySuperDuperFont.ttf, but you only need to provide fonts/MySuperDuperFont.ttf, as the asset folder will be auto-filled for you.
swipe_titleTextAppearance and swipe_descriptionTextAppearance
custom TextAppearance for the title and description TextViews for modifying the font sizes and colors and what not.
custom horizontal gravity (in other words alignment) for the description text. Can be either left, center or right. Default should be fine in most cases, but sometimes you might need to modify this.

Apps using SwipeSelector

Send me a pull request with modified README.md to get a shoutout!


Feel free to create issues / pull requests.


SwipeSelector library for Android
Copyright (c) 2016 Iiro Krankka (http://github.com/roughike).

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
  • No resource identifier found for attribute...  error

    No resource identifier found for attribute... error


    Android 7.1.1. api25 I am unable to set any of the custom attributes, as I get "no resource found.." as per the example below: No resource identifier found for attribute 'swipe_unselectedItemTitle' in package '...'

    My root attribute has:

    <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

    and all other custom attributes work fine.

    I also tried xmlns:app="http://schemas.android.com/apk/lib/com.roughike.swipeselector"

    opened by usergoodvery 1
  • Swipe items from SQLite ?

    Swipe items from SQLite ?

    i already implement your library into my project and it looks marvelous. but sorry for ask, is there any clue how to set of SwipeItem objects using SQLite ? thanks.

    help wanted question 
    opened by hendynugraha87 1
  • Using your library

    Using your library

    Hey, couldn't find another way to tell ya, but thanks for the awesome library:) I just wanted to say that i'm using it now and already included it's name in my app. In case you want to add it to the README, Here is the link to mine

    Cheers mate!

    opened by Vel-San 0
  • setEnabled functionality

    setEnabled functionality


    I'm using your superb library but i'm missing 1 feature, after i press submit/order button i need to lock the selectors, i read the methods you already made and there was no such a thing. I also tried setEnabled(false) and it didn't work.

    Is there a way that i can do that ? Thanks.

    opened by Vel-San 0
  • Two new features

    Two new features

    Hi, I added two features, I needed for my project:

    • exposed methods to programmatically set the selected item
    • hide the description label if the description is null

    I'm new to this pull request thing here, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong...

    opened by SoftXperience 0
  • Multiple fixies

    Multiple fixies

    Deleted unused import, localized strings, ignored AllowBackup and GoogleAppIndexing, deleted unused resources, ignored animations element for API < 11 in swipeselector_layout.xml, added description to move left and right images (this might need some improvement).

    opened by EmmanuelMess 0
  • currentPosition variable bug fix

    currentPosition variable bug fix

    The variable "currentPosition" needs to be updated when a SwipeItem programmmatically selected with selectItemAt() or selectItemWithValue()methods... so that getSelectedItem() method correctly retrieves the current selected item if it was selected programmatically.

    opened by alierdogan7 0
  • Add option to hide the description

    Add option to hide the description

    When we have nothing to add in the desciption, we simply put noting in the filed "desciption" :

                    new SwipeItem(0, "1", ""),
                    new SwipeItem(1, "2", ""),
                    new SwipeItem(2, "3", "")

    but it's not an optimal solution, the ui is badly affected

    opened by TaqiyEddine-B 0
  • Title doesn't update in View after using setItems() twice

    Title doesn't update in View after using setItems() twice


    I first set the items on create (5 items) and then later set them again using setItems() (to 2 items). They update the actual objects (Adapter and Viewpager just fine with 2 items and correct values) with the view having 2 items but the Title values in the View are not updated and show the values from the initial set (5 items).

    For example if the view has title values of: "1" , "2". "3", "4", "5" on the first setItems() call, on the second setItems() call (with only values "4" and "5"), the title will have the values of "1" and "2", not the expected "4" and "5".

    Please advise on how to update the view to show the updated item values?

    opened by dpather 0
  • capability to add item to swipe selector

    capability to add item to swipe selector

    the capability to add items to swipe selector at run time! for example when some body chooses some thing from a list, it could be added to swipe selector!

    opened by behi198 1
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