Sync Kotlin files with an Xcode project


Kotlin Xcode Sync

Note Soon to be deprecated. You can add folder references instead. See here.

Import kotlin files into an Xcode project. This is used in conjunction with the Xcode Kotlin plugin to allow for Kotlin/Native debugging in an iOS application.

Importing Kotlin files into Xcode is somewhat tricky to do manually. This plugin will facilitate that.

It is called "Sync", but currently it will only add new files. Renamed or removed files will need to be handled manually in Xcode.

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Add the following to the buildscript section:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'co.touchlab:kotlinxcodesync:0.2'

Apply the plugin in the shared code project, and configure the plugin

apply plugin: 'co.touchlab.kotlinxcodesync'

xcodeSync {
  projectPath = "../../iosApp/iosApp.xcodeproj"
  target = "iosApp"

The 'projectPath' points at the Xcode project folder. 'target' is the target inside the Xcode project. There's also the optional parameter 'group', which by default is set to 'Kotlin'. That is the group folder that files are copied into.

  • Incompatibility with Jetbrains xcode-compat plugin

    Incompatibility with Jetbrains xcode-compat plugin

    Jetbrains publishes the xcode-compat plugin to ease some setup, including generating an Xcode project and auto-generating a buildForXcode gradle task. You can see it in-use in the AppCode new project templates.

    This plugin conflicts with it because they both define an extension named "xcode". As far as I know this means it's impossible to use both on the same project.

    opened by russhwolf 2
  • Need instructions for ruby fails

    Need instructions for ruby fails

    If missing 'xcodeproj', run gem install xcodeproj

    opened by kpgalligan 0
  • MacOS Catalina does weird things with paths

    MacOS Catalina does weird things with paths

    Adding files to Xcode produces some huge and apparently incorrect relative paths. See tail end of this:

    opened by kpgalligan 1
  • clarify install and run instructions

    clarify install and run instructions

    opened by karottenreibe 0
  • Not able to run plugin without sudo (or rather install dependencies)

    Not able to run plugin without sudo (or rather install dependencies)

    My work laptop is partially locked and I can't use sudo to install xcodeproj globally. I can however use bundler to install it locally into vendor/bundle. So a workaround for me is to include a Gemfile in my project:

    gem 'xcodeproj', '1.7.0'

    Install it with bundle install --path vendor/bundle. And then modify plugin to change ruby build/projimport.rb for bundle exec ruby build/projimport.rb:

    val scriptArgs = mutableListOf(
            File(project.projectDir, "src").path)
        val std = ByteArrayOutputStream()
        val err = ByteArrayOutputStream()
        val result = projectExec(project,

    Would be good if the plugin could support this, either via a flag in plugin config or by scanning project files to check if a bundler is used. I could raise a PR if you could advice a preferred way to implement this.

    opened by aleksey-chugaev 0
  • Sync should remove missing files

    Sync should remove missing files

    We currently add files that aren't in Xcode yet, but we don't remove files that have been renamed or deleted from the Kotlin sourceset.

    opened by kpgalligan 0
  • Debug dependency sources

    Debug dependency sources

    After much research, importing dep sources is not that simple. The binaries are built with references to absolute source paths.

    For example, I built sqliter on this machine, so adding those exact source files allows the debugger to work, but adding the same files in a different folder does not. The absolute paths must be in the IR output, and would need a way to be changed.

    Possibly change KN compilation and include sources in the klib file.

    It's a lot of work and not just in this plugin (unless there's a way to alter the binary and change paths).

    opened by kpgalligan 0
  • Kotlin files are added to compile phase

    Kotlin files are added to compile phase

    Kotlin files are added as compile targets. We can turn that off and only the file to the group, but breakpoints don't work.

    Xcode doesn't attempt to compile Kotlin, so it doesn't impact functionality. However, there's a warning.

    warning: no rule to process file 'xxx' of type 'text' for architecture 'x86_64' (in target 'yyy')

    We should either figure out how to avoid adding files to compile, or a way to disable the error.

    opened by kpgalligan 0
Sync Kotlin files with an Xcode project

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