Multiple accounts client for multiple Social networks. For Android



AndStatus is an Open Source multiple accounts client for multiple Social networks, including Mastodon, Twitter, ActivityPub (Client to Server), GNU social and
AndStatus can combine your feeds from all networks into one Timeline, and it allows you to read and post even when you are offline.

For Android v.7.0+ devices. Under Free/Libre and Open Source License.

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See the Change Log for descriptions of all the features of AndStatus and for the links to their discussion.

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Differentiating features of AndStatus:

  • Many accounts in different Social networks. You may have several accounts in each, write/reply as any "You" and share between accounts and systems.
  • You don't need to be online to read timelines and to post your updates: drafts and unsent posts are kept even after reboot. They will be sent when your device is Online.
  • Convenient tree-like "Conversation view".
  • "Global search" allowing you to search public messages in all networks with one query.
  • Lists of Friends and Followers, presented as User Lists and as Timelines (with the latest message of each user)
  • Tweets/messages/avatars/attached images are being synced in a background, when your device has a good connection. By default, attachments are downloaded via WiFi only.
  • Cached data may be stored for years or for several days only - it's your choice.
  • Backup and restore accounts and messages between your devices. Own your data!
  • Free and without ads, community supported.

Read the FAQ to help you find information that is not present on this page.

The Home Timeline with an image attached The Home Timeline with an image attached Context Menu Conversation tree

For the latest news on the project please follow [email protected], @[email protected] at GNU Social, @AndStatus1 at Twitter or @[email protected] at

AndStatus is an open project:

  • Open for user's ideas, problems and questions. Please start from searching at the "Issues" page. Take part in discussions there. If nothing relevant was found, raise your "issue" sharing with the AndStatus community your idea, question or a problem (providing as much details as possible in order to understand and reproduce the problem).
  • Open Beta Testing channel invites volunteer testers. Please opt in at Google Play and start to receive both Beta and Production releases the usual way. You can opt out at any time.
  • Multilingual. Crowdsourcing and collaborative localization project invites volunteer translators: AndStatus at Crowdin.
  • Open Source, open for contributing developers. If you are a Developer, AndStatus project will help you to implement your unique Social networking features, because you can build on working code supported by a suite of automated tests (see the video). Travis CI is used for continuous testing of the code in a publicly available repository and pull requests. SonarQube checks code quality and helps improving it.
  • Source code is hosted in the two popular services: GitHub and GitLab. The code is commented and has links to related information on Internet. Please read the Developer FAQ page for more info on building AndStatus application from the Source code.

You may donate to AndStatus development via its founder/lead developer.

  • Add driver for Mastodon

    Add driver for Mastodon

    I might do this one myself later. An API wrapper for the Mastodon networks needs to be added.

    This depends on

    API documentation

    New feature 
    opened by Gargron 72
  • Timeline randomly jumping back 5-10% while swiping down

    Timeline randomly jumping back 5-10% while swiping down

    First of all: Thank you very much for this great piece of software!

    I think since v.22.17 I experience a rather annoyingly behavior: On swiping down, the timeline randomly jumps back for 5-10% of the screen. Please see the attached AniGIF for illustration.

    This is not due to loading inline gifs (I switched to 3G for demonstration; attachments are only downloaded via WLAN). Probably a side-effect of the new caching logic?


    UX enhancement 
    opened by bentolor 42
  • support for friendica

    support for friendica

    Friendica is a social network software that is using an API that is compatible to

    Trying to add an account doesn't work at the moment, there appears an error message that disappears too fast to recognize.

    I'm contributing code to friendica. So I would love to make it work.

    New feature 
    opened by annando 41
  • New logo Material design/flattr-like

    New logo Material design/flattr-like

    Two propose, but I can change the colours. it's just an idea, nothing more. I like more the green/orange one, but other one uses the 2 different kind of blues that uses AndStatus actual logo. Loading

    opened by moshpirit 38
  • Support /.well-known/oauth-authorization-server for ActivityPub

    Support /.well-known/oauth-authorization-server for ActivityPub

    As per the OAuth spec - Section 3:

    Authorization servers supporting metadata MUST make a JSON document containing metadata as specified in Section 2 available at a path formed by inserting a well-known URI string into the authorization server's issuer identifier between the host component and the path component, if any. By default, the well-known URI string used is "/.well-known/oauth-authorization-server".

    It would be nice to use the endpoints specified here if possible (falling back to the defaults if this endpoint is unreachable or if the file is invalid).

    Related to #499

    Hopefully, this would simplify the integration with some applications such as (issue regarding implementing the client protocol:

    New feature Compatibility 
    opened by JD557 34
  • Use tabs instead of buttons

    Use tabs instead of buttons

    @Dragnucs suggested: I think you should use tabs instead of buttons and transfer the logic into settings... Or maybe even use a side panel for quick settings like "for", "combined", "autorefresh", etc. My reply was: Actually three buttons above AndStatus Timeline allow different combinations, it's more than one "dimension" of "tabs". BTW, I'm thinking about turning "combined/for" toggle into a three-state button +"combined for one Microblogging system"...

    Q: But what does that button do already? A: Timeline in "Combined" mode shows messages from all accounts (all Microblogging systems) as one list. It's like a "timeline aggregator". In order to see how it works, you should create more than one AndStatus account. E.g. I have "AndStatus project" account plus two separate Personal accounts in Twitter for Russian and for International audiences, but I like to see new tweets in one sequence without switching between accounts and systems...

    opened by yvolk 32
  • Material design

    Material design

    AndStatus needs the "material design" And we also need to stay compatible with older devices. The guide seems to give recipes for this: More on this:

    UX enhancement 
    opened by yvolk 29
  • Client causes several duplicate posts

    Client causes several duplicate posts

    Sometimes often, my AndStatus client will repeat sending of a post to StatusNet several times, resulting in multiple duplicate posts within minutes of each other.

    opened by EricxDu 29
  • Timeline doesn't restore its state (was: Combined timeline keeps opening)

    Timeline doesn't restore its state (was: Combined timeline keeps opening)

    A lot of actions lead to displaying "combined" feed, when not explicitly asked. Two actions I know are easily reproducible:

    • Leaving the app for a second (pressing the Back button one time too much, and holding the Home button to go back to it again)
    • Changing screen orientation: this is absurd but I tilted my phone and the screen has gone blank and Combined feed was displayed

    But there's more, I was completely disoriented by this when I first started using &s, then I learned to pay close attention to the feed selection widget.

    UX issue Could not reproduce Documentation issue Questions&Answers 
    opened by gjedeer 25
  • Filter out replies not to me or my friends from Home timeline

    Filter out replies not to me or my friends from Home timeline

    It would be very practical to have an option that allows us to hide replies to people we are not subscribed to.

    For example I am subscribed to A but not to to B. A is subscribed to B. If A replies to B, I don't want to see this reply/notice.

    New feature 
    opened by Dragnucs 25
  • Following a mentioned User and How to use the content of a tweet?

    Following a mentioned User and How to use the content of a tweet?

    I would like follow users, mentioned in tweets. But when I click on the user just the website from the gnusocial instance of this user will be open in the webbrowser. Because I left the andstatus app there can't be a possibility to follow this user.

    Is there any description of the user interface concept? I have the impression that I didn't understood the whole concept. :-(

    New feature Questions&Answers 
    opened by ghost 23
  • Show Follow status for profiles?

    Show Follow status for profiles?

    At the moment, I can follow accounts from within Andstatus. Would it be possible to also add an information on users profile page whether I'm already following this account (and maybe best also whether this account is a follower too)?

    opened by kr428 3
  • Confusing Timeline title and Actor's icon

    Confusing Timeline title and Actor's icon

    PROCEDURE: Launch app

    By default it loads and shows the avatar from my Mastodon account [email protected], shows title as HOME [email protected] (a account) and the timeline actually displayed is of my other account [email protected]

    R; Get Actor information "FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804"

    R; Get Actor information , foreground "FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804", Created 45 minutes ago, executed: 3, last: two minutes ago, retriesLeft: 7, error: Soft Get Actor information "FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804", Status code: OK; soft; Unexpected exception Caused by java.lang.Exception: Actor is empty, getActor;; username='FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804' , CommandData: {command: get-user, id: 1671996997859, foreground, account: [email protected]/, username: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, Timeline: {, User{id=11093; [email protected]}, type: sent_at_origin, actorActor: {, id: 11806, oid:, username: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, realName: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, groupType: FOLLOWERS, User{id=11093; [email protected]}, avatarFile: AvatarFile11806: id:11806 IMAGE, MediaMetadata: {}, DownloadFile filename:, parentId: 11804}}, created:43 minutes ago, CommandResult: {executed: 2, last: 23 minutes ago, retriesLeft: 8, error: Soft Actor is empty, getActor;; username='FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804', CommandData: {command: get-user, id: 1671996997859, foreground, account: [email protected]/, username: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, Timeline: {, User{id=11093; [email protected]}, type: sent_at_origin, actorActor: {, id: 11806, oid:, username: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, realName: FOLLOWERS.of.jxself.11804, groupType: FOLLOWERS, User{id=11093; [email protected]}, avatarFile: AvatarFile11806: id:11806 IMAGE, MediaMetadata: {}, DownloadFile filename:, parentId: 11804}}, created:43 minutes ago, CommandResult: {executed: 2, last: 23 minutes ago, retriesLeft: 8, error: Soft}}}}Screenshot_20221225-142505_AndStatus.pngScreenshot_20221225-142539_AndStatus.png

    opened by DetroitLibertyPenguin 3
  • Black theme: Transparent context menu.

    Black theme: Transparent context menu.

    In some(?) situations, it seems using the app with a black theme causes context menu to display with a transparent background, barely readable. It reliably happens here but I didn't yet completely figure out why... 😬


    opened by kr428 1
  • Support for loading objects via the Location header when creating an object via C2S

    Support for loading objects via the Location header when creating an object via C2S

    When POSTing an object to the outbox, the AP C2S spec only requires a Location header with the AP ID of the newly created object.

    From @yvolk

    Regarding rationale of getting more than Activity id only from server: 1.1. During Create Activity at least TWO objects created: an Activity and a Note. So we need id of the Note anyway. 1.2. Knowing object's "published" and "updated" timestamps are important in knowing, when we need to update an object in the local cache (this is how AndStatus works...)

    The response will contain the AP ID of the activity, if the response body is empty, the created object should be fetched/dereferenced.

    It seems most software returns the created object (and so does, so I don't think this is urgent. It is mostly a matter of compatibility with the spec.


    opened by tsileo 3
  • Support for refreshing OAuth access tokens

    Support for refreshing OAuth access tokens

    If the OAuth access token response contains a refresh_token, it should be stored and a refresh should be attempted when the token is expired (or when hitting a 401?).

    Example response from

        "access_token": "redacted",                                                                                                                                                 
        "expires_in": 600,                                                                                                                                                                                             
        "me": "https://redacted/",                                                                                                                                                                
        "refresh_token": "redacted",                                                                                                                                                
        "scope": "read write follow",                                                                                                                                                                                  
        "token_type": "Bearer"                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Making a POST to the token endpoint with grant_type=refresh_token + refresh_token + client_id will return the same response as with the authorization code grant + a new refresh token (the spec recommends returning a new one and checking for double use).

    Thanks! Let me know if I missed some details.

    opened by tsileo 0
  • Diaspora: Many comments lost in thread those that are there are attributed to incorrect users

    Diaspora: Many comments lost in thread those that are there are attributed to incorrect users

    The entire thread can be found at contained there in you will find the screen shot that shows what I saw on AndStatus.


    On AndStatus all of the comments that where displayed showed as if they came for the OP, and even then many of the comments where not included. image

    Same thread from my instance:


    This is the first time I know for sure I have seen this failure, but do to the nature of the failure I may well have seen it many times and never realized it.

    Upon further investigation, what I saw on AndStatus showed three comments, in the thread, all three showed the avatar of the OP but the other two that she did not post did show they were replies to OP but didn't indicate from whom

    opened by DetroitLibertyPenguin 3
  • 58.04-release(May 7, 2021)

    v.58. Background syncing and migration to Kotlin

    • Fix background syncing on Android 9+.
    • Fix downloads (avatars/attachments) with redirects, in which location is relative or absolute path without host and protocol.
    • AndStatus fully migrated from Java to Kotlin.
    • Fix a Zip Path Traversal Vulnerability.
    • Add "Log out" button to the "Account" screen.
    • Fix image resizing in a timeline.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 56.00-release(May 5, 2020)

  • 50.03-release(Jul 1, 2019)

    1. Avoid duplicated mentions
    2. Selecting "Discard" Options menu item during draft editing actually discards (deletes) the draft
    3. Make notification visible in a timeline even if we couldn't find our Actor, who should be notified.
    4. Clear "Outbox" notification, when an activity has been successfully sent
    5. Better way to find out if conversation can be downloaded. get at leastprevious activity of the conversation.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 50.01-release(Jun 5, 2019)

    1. Added "summary" (Content warning) Note property and "Sensitive" flag (checkbox in the Editor). If the Note (Toot) is Sensitive, starting a Reply to that toot the app makes the Reply Sensitive also, and copies Summary (CW) from the parent toot also. Sensitive content may be made visible or invisible in the Navigation drawer (or in Settings -> Timeline). #507
    2. More Mastodon attachments are shown now ("remote" media files are shown in a case the type of the local ones is "unknown")
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 47.07-release(Mar 25, 2019)

    1. Size of downloaded files/streams is controlled during download, and not after download completion, as before. This allows to stop downloading a file (or reading a timeline), which appeared to be larger than configured "Maximum size of an attachment"
    2. If attachments are configured to be downloaded via Wi-Fi only: During download, AndStatus checks periodically, if Wi-Fi connection is still active. In case Wi-Fi connection is lost, the download is interrupted and will be retried later.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 47.03-release(Mar 4, 2019)

    1. When some Actor follows (or stops following) me, show detailed info about that Actor, not about my Actor.
    2. If an attached video has a preview image, that image will be shown (currently available for Mastodon only). View image / View media context menu item for remotely accessed media files.
    3. Show a text link to a media file, for which even preview image couldn't be downloaded (instead of no attachment at all as before). #502
    4. Don't download attached Video by default. May be changed in Settings -> Attachments -> Download attached video
    5. Actor's avatar in their profile is shown with maximum resolution.
    6. Fixed: Cannot delete a Note's Title (Name) after it was first saved (even in a draft).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 40.02-release(Jun 25, 2018)

  • 40.00-release(Jun 9, 2018)

  • 39.00-release(May 30, 2018)

  • 38.06-release(May 12, 2018)

  • 38.04-release(May 3, 2018)

  • 37.01-release(Mar 13, 2018)

    1. Actors having the same WebFingerId (e.g. "[email protected]") in different social networks are merged logically. This allows AndStatus to show you in one timeline activities of one actor, downloaded via different instances. This is especially needed for GNU Social and Mastodon. Please note that for this feature is provided for years, because all instances use the same actorID (WebFingerId) for the same actor.
    2. Mentions timeline is replaced by Interactions, which shows not only "mentions" and replies, but also likes, reposts and followers. Basically "Interactions" timeline shows all interactions of other users with us (our actors) whereas "Notifications" timeline shows us only those interactions, which we preferred to be notified about in Settings > Notifications, plus unsent notes.
    3. Names of things in the User interface (mostly) changed according to the ActivityPub recommendation. In particular, now we use the word "note" for tweets/toots/notices. And the words "Actor" and "User" have different meanings (In ActivityPub, a user is represented by "actors" via the user's accounts on servers. User's accounts on different servers correspond to different actors.) Most of Timelines in AndStatus show Activities now instead of Notes.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 36.09-release(Feb 10, 2018)

  • 36.06-release(Jan 18, 2018)

  • 36.05-release(Jan 12, 2018)

    1. This is a major change of AndStatus, which is available for Android 7.0+ devices only and which may require quite a long database upgrade on the first run after the upgrade.
    2. The whole internal data model of the application has changed from working with "messages" to working with "activities", allowing to present social networks in a richer way and to solve many old problems. E.g. after reblogging of a message the message doesn't "jump" to the top of a timeline, as before: now you see a new "Reblog action" for this message at the top the timeline. #172 The same for Like/Favorite and Follow/"Stop following" actions. Usage of this feature to its full potential requires its support in a Social network. As of now only fully supports activities; Mastodon sends activities in its "Notifications" timeline only. For legacy server timelines that contain messages only, AndStatus also presents Reblogs as activities, because a "Reblog" is an action even in "Twitter-like" implementations. "Messages" from legacy timelines are interpreted as Update actions of these messages. Please note that an Actor on separate line also has a separate context menu, related to him.
    3. Direct messages and timelines renamed to Private with corresponding changes in their content.
    4. "Notifications" timeline added, which shows activities that are configured to be notified about in AndStatus Settings -> Notifications. You can be notified about: Followers, Favorites, Mentions, Reblogs, unset messages in the Outbox and about Private messages. Notifications, shown in Android Notification area and in the AndStatus Widget, are not forgotten anymore. These notifications are persisted even after device reboot. Notifications are reset when a User opens correspondent timeline e.g. by clicking on the Notification or a Widget. #367 and #398 In addition to a number of new events (activities/messages), notifications now show an Account (in a case a notification is for one account only) and time, when the last event occurred. #158
    5. For Twitter messages character limit increased up to 280 characters. #475
    6. Dropped support for older Android devices. Minimal supported Android version is 7.0 now. This change allows application developers to start using modern Java 8 language enhancements, including functional programming.
    7. Fixed (at least partially) a problem, related to Doze mode on some devices, when automatic background syncing doesn't occur for a long time. Despite Android specifications, I noticed that e.g. my new Lenovo tablet doesn't wake up for a "maintenance window" and Android system initiated background syncing could never occur. So additional timer introduced to check for missed sync events and initiate syncing if necessary. #295
    8. Fixed optional Reply, Reblog and Like action buttons, located under messages. #472
    9. Fixed conversation loading for some servers. Now messages are shown in a Conversation View even in a case a (buggy) server doesn't show relations of these messages to each other. I.e. even if a message is not a reply to any other message in the thread.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    AndStatus-36.05-release.apk(3.95 MB)
  • 35.06-release(Jan 13, 2018)

  • 35.05-release(Aug 9, 2017)

  • 34.05-release(Jul 15, 2017)

  • 34.04-release(Jul 5, 2017)

  • 34.03-release(Jul 4, 2017)

  • 34.01-release(Jun 26, 2017)

  • 33.11-release(Jun 13, 2017)

  • 33.07-release(May 14, 2017)

  • 33.04-release(May 11, 2017)

    Added Mastodon support. Six most popular Mastodon instances are preconfigured. #419 v.33.04 Spanish translation updated. Fixed crash on OAuth exception

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 33.03-release(May 10, 2017)

  • 32.02-release(Mar 13, 2017)

    AndStatus now can download older messages of a Timeline. When a User have scrolled down to the oldest message of a timeline, the "Sync older messages" button is shown, which allows to request next page of older messages from a server. This may seem like a must have feature, but due to ability to store previously downloaded messages as long as a User wishes, it was not frequently requested. In fact, ability to view older messages may be needed mostly during the first day-two of AndStatus application usage, when there is not much data stored yet. #354 In order to simplify creation of new accounts, a long list of available "Social Networks" is divided into the three groups: Twitter, and GNU Social. Now, when a User starts addition of a new account, he/she is prompted to select a "Type of Social Network" first. After this selection only social Networks of the selected type are shown. Actually, only one Social Network of Twitter and of types are preconfigured after installation, so there is no need to select the only instance. But there are 7 preconfigured instances of GNU Social servers. Additional "Social networks" may be added by a User. #212 Another round to simplify AndStatus adoption by new Users. A form to add new account cleaned from irrelevant data. Added the "Home timeline" button showing a way to proceed after successful account creation. Added "Manage AndStatus accounts in Android Settings" item to Settings -> Accounts section. When you are creating new account and stay in a Web view, you can switch to another application (e.g. to lookup password) and back to continue account creation. Fixed a case when Twitter message appeared truncated. #212 Link to Questions & Answers added to the AndStatus User Guide. #443 For unsent message or a draft context menu has "Discard" menu item, which allows to delete this message. #436 "Direct Message" context menu item added to a User List. This means that now you can send a Direct Message to any user, mentioned in a Message, via a "Users of message" list. You can also open a list of a User's Friends and send a Direct Message to any User from that list (some systems allow to send Direct messages only to users, who follow us). #438

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 31.02-release(Jan 10, 2017)

    1. Conversation view opens much faster now. This is because messages, which belong to one conversation, are calculated beforehand in a background. #361
    2. For "GNU Social" additional conversation performance improvement implemented: special "getConversation API" is used to download the whole conversation from a server in one request instead of downloading messages mostly one-by-one, as for other social networks. #328
    3. Search for all words and for exact phrases implemented. If you type several words in a search box, AndStatus now searches for the messages, which contain all typed words in any order. In order to search for an exact phrase, enclose it in double quotes. In a case of a Global search, your query string is sent to a Social network server exactly as you typed it. It turns out that GNU Social and Twitter interprets the query just like described above, which means that Global search for all words and phrases (without punctuation) works also. #402
    4. Search in HTML-formatted text improvement: now !groups #hashtags and @mentions are correctly found in HTML-formatted text, where e.g. "#" and a hashtag name are separated by (invisible) HTML markup.
    5. One "Reply to all” action is replaced with two: ”Reply to conversation participants" (what we actually had before as "Reply to all") and "Reply to mentioned users”. "Reply to mentioned users”, naturally, includes a User, to whom you are replying, and all users, mentioned in the body of the replied message. #432
    6. Implemented: Ignore favourites when using "Reply to conversation participants": simple match for "favorited something by" text in the message body. #368
    7. Default setting of the "Tap on a Timeline Title behaviour" option changed from "Switch to Default Timeline" to "Select a Timeline". This doesn't affect existing users, but is more intuitive for novices.
    8. "Check and fix data" action added to the AndStatus Settings -> "Storage" section. This action should be used during problem troubleshooting to fix internal data problems, which could cause AndStatus malfunction.
    9. Default scrolling position in a timeline changed: now it's at the Top of the list, not near its bottom, as before.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 30.05-release(Dec 1, 2016)

  • 30.00-release(Oct 8, 2016)

    1. "Back" system button now acts as most of Android users expect: navigation, in reverse chronological order, through the history of screens the user has recently worked with. See Return to the Default timeline clears the whole history stack, so when a User presses "Back" button on the Default timeline, he/she leaves AndStatus (and returns usually to the Home screen of the Device). #253
    2. Share a message with its attachment. "Share" message context menu item shares not only textual part of the message, as before, but the attached image also. This way a message with an attachment can be shared from one Social Network to another within AndStatus, or to some note taking application, e.g. to Omni Notes, where it will be stored with the attachment. Some file managers, e.g. Total Commander, allow to save shared attachment to a file. #387
    3. Added "Overflow" button to the row of buttons below each message: to open message context menu. This button may help new users to notice existence of the context menu. It also may be used in a case you set "Long click to open context menu" option in Settings -> Gestures. #332. Clickable areas of these buttons made larger and wider to ease tapping the buttons. #410.
    4. Styles of the Navigation drawer changed to make drawer items easier visible.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 29.02-release(Sep 28, 2016)

    1. Implemented #221 Edit message [] Messages with and without attachments can be edited. A User can change both text and an attached image. What is not supported (and will fail on an attempt to send an update): adding an attachment to a message that didn't have one. Or removing an attachment. This is because messages with and without attachments are two different types of objects in "Edit" context menu item appears, when a Sender is my account and it is successfully verified (i.e. the account can actually post the update).
    2. Added "Get Message Information" context menu item #418. We already have "Get User Information" for a User, which allows to update the User's information, including information on Friends and Followers . Similarly, the "Get Message Information" action allows to update information on replies, likes and reblogs / retweets / shares. In particular, for this feature allows, in addition, retrieve Replies to this message in order to see them in a Conversation view, see #276.
    3. Implemented #375 [] Create proper HTML links. Actual text transformation is done in literary 3 lines of code using Android system libraries. This gives an advantage of using better algorithm at each subsequent version of Android libraries. Emails are not HTMLified.
    4. Size of text in Account and Timeline selectors enlarged. Now it's the same as a body text of messages (and hence it can be changed in Settings).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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Egor Neliuba 60 Feb 12, 2022
An Android client for

Impeller - An Android client for What is it A client for, intended to provide a rich, platform-integrated experience. Runs on Android

Erin 46 Nov 1, 2022
Github client for Android

OctoDroid This application provides access to GitHub and lets you stay connected with your network Download Main features Repository List repositories

Azwan Adli 1.5k Dec 28, 2022
A shadowsocks client for Android

Shadowsocks for Android for Android & Chrome OS (beta) for Android TV (beta) PREREQUISITES JDK 1.8 Android SDK Android NDK Rust with Android targets i

shadowsocks 33.2k Jan 2, 2023
Skooter App - Android client source code

Skooter App STAY CONNECTED. LOCALLY Skooter is a FREE mobile application that acts like a Hyper Local Bulletin Board for your area by showing the most

Prathmesh Ranaut 61 Feb 23, 2022
An Android client for the microblogging server Mastodon

Tusky Tusky is a beautiful Android client for Mastodon. Mastodon is an ActivityPub federated social network. That means no single entity controls the

Tusky 1.8k Dec 31, 2022
YouJoin Android Client, a cool app of connection, use Material Design.

YouJoin-Android 简介 这个repo是YouJoin社交平台的Android客户端,代码由本人独立编写,功能和特点包括: 采用Material Design设计 登录注册 即时聊天 个人中心(支持资料编辑、头像上传) 心情动态(支持最多九张图片;支持点赞、评论) 好友关注 附近的人(采

ZZQ 298 Nov 29, 2022
A app client for Github

Git.NB A android app client for Github. 效果图 关于项目 Git.NB现以升级到2.0,功能大有升级,UI大改版本。各种有趣的操作,欢迎下载代码试完。 如果发现有任何问题和建议,随时欢迎Email或者开Issues, 如果有版权问题,立即删除。 使用的开源技术

null 319 Sep 9, 2022
Simple Twitter Client just for tweeting, written in Kotlin with reactive MVVM-like approach

Monotweety Simple Twitter Client just for tweeting. Monotweety is also available at F-Droid compatible repository called IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repositor

Yasuhiro SHIMIZU 110 Nov 11, 2022
Yet another Twitter unofficial client for Lollipop.

Tweetin Yet another Twitter unofficial client. Just design for Lollipop now!!! Screenshot: How to use the source code? Just import the Tweetin folder

Matthew Lee 177 Aug 24, 2022
Android Stories library - Instagram-like android stories library that supports images from disk or from internet (url)

Android Stories Library Instagram like stories library for Android. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories: allprojects { reposi

Panagiotis Makris 3 Dec 20, 2022
Library for easy work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google on Android

THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED, FEEL FREE TO FORK AND FIX IT FOR YOUR NEEDS There is also an Android Library that is being maintained, CloudRail

Anton Krasov 1k Dec 18, 2022